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11 Jul 2018
Why such a large variation in price for boat tours??

This is one of the most common questions we are asked! For the holidaying tourist, boat trips can be ...

11 Jul 2018
Monsoon Season

Monsoon Season expectations So, we find ourselves in the monsoon season once again. Our familiar friend ...

27 Aug 2018
Simba’s new fun, relaxed, private sunset cruise.

Allow us to introduce our latest private charter offering....  A fun, relaxed, late afternoon, fishing ...

28 Aug 2018
Which speedboat tour for me?

It’s the old age debate. You’ve come to Phuket and decided to do a speed boat tour. Which one to ...

19 Sep 2018
Five Things to do in Phuket when it Rains

If you happen to be in Phuket when it’s rainy season then you’ll definitely need to check out this ...

19 Sep 2018
Best Island Restaurants

The Best Island Restaurants in Phuket If you’re lucky enough to be chartering one of our private charter ...