Looking for the best Thai Food in Patong? One thing you have to hail Patong Beach for is the number of restaurants that are there. They are so many that if you are a first-time tourist, you will be filled with confusion because the choices are too many. That said, just because the restaurants are many doesn’t necessarily mean that all of them serve great Thai food. In fact, if you are a Thai person, you will realize that some of these restaurants in Patong Phuket serve toned-down versions of Thai food… food that one won’t call original Thai cuisine.

Many travellers who are first-time visitors definitely won’t be able to differentiate authentic Thai food from the watered-down ones. That is why this article is here to assist you. There are many great restaurants in Thailand, and Patong is home to many. We have gone out of our way and have done the research on your behalf. So, all you need to do is to sample our list of the best places to eat in Patong…

Kaab Kluay Thai Restaurant

This is one of our favourites when it comes to Best places to eat in Patong because they have been serving excellent Thai food at reasonable prices for decades. Expatriates who reside in Patong are well aware of this gem. So, whenever they have clients or visitors of their own, Kaab Kluay is where they take them to have an experience of authentic Thai dinner.

The restaurant is located on the outskirt of town. It’s just before the temple you see when entering Patong. So, you might need to take a tuk-tuk to get there. It has both indoor and an outdoor seating. Since it is quite big, reservations won’t be necessary. We wouldn’t recommend it for a romantic dinner because the road nearby is quite busy.

Paan Yaah Seafood Restaurant

Much as it is located just outside Patong, just after Kalim Beach, we feel that this unique seaside restaurant deserves to be on this list of the best places to eat in Patong. If you are looking for a romantic Thai dinner spot, then Paan Yaah is where you should be headed. It is quite a fairly-priced high end place (please note ‘fairly-priced’ is relative).

The restaurant resembles an old house with blurry lighting. What makes it romantic are the candles on the tables. Well, of you want to get a spot at such popular restaurants in Patong Phuket, then you better make a reservation as early as possible.

Ta Khai restaurant

Ta Khai restaurant is at the Rosewood hotel in Phuket. Set in a garden by the seaside of Tri Trang Beach this restaurant has a rustic village-style feel and serve some terrific sustainable Thai food. Unfortunately, it’s quite pricey so most of us might have to leave this one for special occasions only.

Number 9 Restaurant

Much as the design might not be that impressive compared to the other restaurants in Patong Phuket mentioned above, this modest Thai restaurant is really talked about on social media. This one has a long menu that offers both Thai and European delicacies. Some of the things that made this restaurant be on this list are the friendly staff, the comfortable seats and the cleanliness.

Kalim Rim Lay

The other place with the best Thai Food in Patong is Kalim Rim Lay. Located just after Kalim Beach this restaurant a bit hidden by the water, plus, it’s quite tiny. It might not be that far but you will need a ride to get there. If you are looking for a taste of 100% local Thai food, you will sure get it here. It is a bit spicy though so make sure you order for ‘mai pet’ – meaning not spicy – if you are not a fun of too much spice. Here you will get a unique experience of sitting in little bamboo huts, something that was very common with Phuket people 2 decades ago.

Now you know where to find the best Thai Food in Patong. Visit and devour.