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Cancellation Policy


Cancellations are a difficult affair for both us and prospective customers. We therefore try to approach it with a ‘common sense’ attitude.


Covid test evidence to be presented for eligibility.

Other cases please see below.

You must be aware that there is a financial implication to cancelling a trip at the last minute, as all of our set costs are the same and we only take a maximum of 18 adult customers. We also pre-book many of the activities undertaken on the day of your trip, all of which are non-refundable.

If you cancel due to sickness and we are unable to place you on another trip, you can go to the doctors and obtain a medical certificate. We can then issue you with a receipt for the money paid to Simba, all of which can be claimed back from the majority of holiday insurance providers. If we decide to cancel due to bad weather, we will have done so taking into consideration the group’s safety and that of the vessel, as well as predicted weather forecasts and satellite images. In this instance your deposit will be refunded in full.


We have outlined our Deposit Policy for your piece of mind. Deposits are made via credit card as this is the quickest, safest and easiest method for both us and you. When you have made a deposit you will receive a booking confirmation that includes details of deposit paid and amounts owing (not including any applicable transfer surcharge). We then hold the deposit in our account until the day of your trip. All currency conversions are set to the standard rate on the day that you pay your deposit (the exchange rate is set by Stripe).

* If we cancel due to bad weather and we cannot find another date you wish to go on, we will then return the money, the day your trip was cancelled. * If you have booked a group of guests and one or more does not show on the morning of the trip, the person who booked the trip will be required to pay the full balance. Please take note of the cancellation policy before booking a Simba Sea Trip.

Cancellation Policy : Please Read

(1) Cancellations for reasons other than testing positive for COVID19 within 24 hours of the trip, (2) ‘no show’ or (3) missed tour due to late arrival via own transfer to the departure point will result in 100% of the total cost being charged. This means the full cost of the trip or trips booked. You would not only lose the deposit, you would be required to pay the balance stated on the confirmation email.

In the case of sickness we will try to move you to an alternative date, but the cancellation policy still stands and the full balance amount is due on the booked trip day. As we limit the number of guests on each trip we are often fully booked and a reschedule may not be possible.

If Simba company cancel a trip and can not reschedule during your time in Phuket we will refund all deposits.

By advancing your deposit to Simba Sea trips, you therefore agree to be bound by the above terms and conditions.