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Join Simba Sea Trips for hassle-free Phuket boat tours, exploring stunning destinations with knowledgeable guides and meeting fellow adventurers. Discover hidden gems, cruise islands, and immerse in vibrant cultures. 

Discover The Unseen

When it comes to immersing yourself in the beauty and wonder of Thailand, nothing gets you closer to the action than Simba’s Phuket boat tours. 

Private Charters

 Private Boat Charter Phuket

With our standard Phuket private boat charter tour, you get to dictate the pace as we customize a journey to suit your needs and requirements. Our Private boat charters cater to a wide range of requests – from couples looking for a romantic getaway, through to family and friend groups looking for privacy and adventure.

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Luxury Private Speed Boat Charter – Phi Phi Sunrise

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Phang Nga Bay Relaxing Sunset Cruise with Lunch and Dinner

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Phi Phi Sunrise Tour

0 (108 Reviews)

Phang Nga Bay & Beyond

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Words from Our Customers?

A stylish pool club that serves great Thai food and cocktails

Start Your Day the Right way

All Phi Phi tours and private charters start from our new location at the boat Lagoon Marina. On arrival, all guests are greeted by a friendly staff and can expect the following;

Get your caffeine fix

Upon upon arrival, coffee and a light breakfast will be provided from the inside restaurant

Start your adventure

Guests will then proceed to the boat alongside the restaurant for departure

Savour the memories

Get ready to experience the most incredible, intimate Phuket boat tour of the stunning surrounding regions

Destination Choices

Phi Phi

First-time snorkelers or avid enthusiasts, discover the underwater world of the Andaman Sea.

Phang Nga Bay

Stunning limestone ‘karst’ islands and magnificent wild life. Adventure your way kayaking and exploring our ancient caves and hidden lagoons.


Experience the picture perfect Krabi landscapes, snorkel beautiful reefs in the usual Simba way without crowds and exceptional service standards. 

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Select the number of passengers and a date.
  • Please fill out all the necessary fields in our booking form as they are needed by our insurance company and the Thai government.
  • Credit cards are accepted payment methods.  Balance of payment can be paid in cash.
  • In case of a private charter booking, please note your booking is not guaranteed until payment of the deposit has been received.
  • We will contact you by email the afternoon before your tour to confirm room details and pick-up time.
  • Cancellations are a difficult affair for both us and prospective customers. We therefore try to approach it with a ‘common sense’ attitude.

    You must be aware that there is a significant financial impact on Simba when a customer cancels a tour at late notice we have a high level of fixed costs and we only take a maximum of 12-18 adult customers. We also pre-book many of the activities undertaken on the day of your trip, all of which are non-refundable to Simba.

    If you cancel due to sickness and we are unable to place you on another trip, you can go to the doctors and obtain a medical certificate. We can then issue you with a receipt for the money paid to Simba, all of which can be claimed back from the majority of holiday insurance providers.

    If we decide to cancel due to bad weather, we will have done so taking into consideration customer safety and that of the vessel as well as predicted weather forecasts and satellite images. In this instance your deposit will be refunded in full if an alternative date cannot be found.

    *In the event that you are a ‘no-show’ on the morning of your trip, for whatever reason, the full balance of your trip is due.

    *If you have booked a group of guests and one or more does not show on the morning of the trip, the person who booked the trip will be required to pay the full balance.

    Cancellation Policy: Please read.

    By advancing your deposit to Simba Sea trips, you therefore agree to be bound by the below terms and conditions.

    Cancellations for reasons other than testing positive for COVID19 within 24 hours of the trip, or a no show (inc missed departure when using own transport) will result in 100% of the total cost being charged. This means you would not only lose the deposit you would be required to pay the balance stated on the confirmation email.

    Note – if Simba is able to re-book your seats to other customers you of course will be provided a full refund ASAP.

    In the case of sickness we will make every effort to move you to an alternative date however the cancellation policy still stands. As we limit the number of guests on each trip we do get fully booked and a reschedule may not be possible. A refund will be applicable should we be able to re-book your seats to other customers.

    If Simba cancel a trip and cannot reschedule during your time in Phuket we will refund 100% of all deposits immediately.

    As a general rule, most people do not get seasick on our boats. However if you suffer badly from motion sickness, we do offer you seasickness tablets in the morning. It is advisable to take these at least 30 minutes before the trip. If you suffer from severe seasickness, then perhaps reconsider booking a boat tour.

    Simba has long prided itself on committing to the lowest passenger numbers per boat of any speedboat operator, not only in Phuket, but across Thailand.

    We believe that low passenger numbers are an important factor in making the Simba tour experience superior to any other speedboat tour in Phuket.

    Over the course of a typical 12-month season we average just under 14 people per boat tour. This includes adults and children and we are very confident no other operator in Phuket will ever match such low numbers. Indeed, it is unlikely they could even determine what their average load is! Incidentally we average 1 child per tour.

    Simba 7: 16 – 18 adults (licensed to 26)

    Simba 8: 16 – 18 adults (licensed to 26)

    Simba 9: 16 – 18 adults (licensed to 26)

    Simba 10: 2  – 12 adults (licensed to 18)

    Please be aware that tour operators are increasingly using the ‘small group’ descriptor for tours that take 25 – 30 passengers, nearly a 100% increase on Simba’s policy!

    The monsoon season in Phuket does bring about stronger winds, bigger swells and a higher chance of rain, but it also means less tourists! Before we undertake any of our trips, whether in the dry or monsoon season, we check the tides, swell chart, satellite images, local weather radar and weather reports. If we feel there is any danger to you, our boat or us we will cancel the trip as early as possible. Simba will cancel a trip if we feel anyone’s safety is compromised.

    Because of the exposure to the Indian Ocean sea swells, we assess our Phi Phi tours on a daily basis, and these can be subject to cancellation between May and November.  If this is the case, you have the choice of a full refund, or a switch to a Phang Nga bay tour where the water conditions are generally better.

    During May to October our Phang Nga Bay tours are more protected from the elements and generally has smaller waves and wind effect.

    The concept of ‘safety first’ is extremely important to us.

    Keeping you informed

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