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10 Best Phi Phi Island Activities in 2023

Do you want to discover the best Phi Phi Island activities in 2023? Then read on as we provide details into the best Phi Phi activities to try this year! This island is very popular for its stunningly beautiful tourist attraction spots. Besides the clear turquoise waters, the soft white sandy tropical beaches, and the […]

Is Maya Bay Open?

Is Maya Bay open? Yes! Maya Bay, which is the most recognizable landmark within the Phi Phi Islands, is one of the most popular and gorgeous beaches in the world. It acquired its fame after the movie by Danny Boyle, “The Beach”, which starred Leonardo DiCaprio, was filmed there in the year 2000. After the movie […]

Best Islands in the Gulf of Thailand

There are islands a plenty in the Gulf of Thailand. Which are the best and which are those that can be de-prioritized if limited by time and money? Read on as we discuss those that are of most benefit for your next Thailand tour.  The Sensational Gulf of Thailand Islands One thing we know for […]

The best Islands near Phuket

Top 5 Islands near Phuket Let’s face it – even the most relaxing holiday can require restrictions in relation to how best to utilize your time. This is no more evident than in relation to island hopping in Phuket. It can be quite unrealistic to expect to spend all your time visiting all the uber-attractive […]

Phang Nga – One of the world’s most famous bays

Where is Phang Nga Bay 2023 Update! Along with the Phi Phi Islands, Phang Nga Bay remains the most popular destination for Phuket visitors in the post-covid era for those looking for a boat tour of Phuket. What is it about Phang Nga that makes it so appealing for tourists, and why do so many […]

Where to Stay in Phuket

We give you the tips on where to stay in Phuket Updated 2023! With the tourists flooding back to Phuket following the Covid pandemic outbreak, it is a hotly contested accommodation landscape in the peak seasons. So where should you focus your attention on staying? We will try to make it easier for you to […]

Cost of Living in Phuket

If you are planning a trip to Thailand or move there you might be wondering what the cost of living in Thailand is. Well according to those who have been there, most of them say that life in this country can be pretty affordable. But just like most places around the world, it all depends […]

Discover Promthep Cape

The Spectacular Promthep Cape Updated 2023 – Is the Cape still accessible? Yes! and due to the unfortunate Covid period, the Cape is currently experienced regrowth to a degree it has not experienced for decades. Promthep Cape is one of the most irresistible spots if you are looking for a unique vacation spot and the […]

Favourite Swimming Thailand Destinations

Swimming Thailand Destinations are abundant! Updated 2023: With the tourists returning in droves after the covid era, the waters are in spectacular conditions and ideal for a swimming holiday. We list our favourite spots to take a dip in the Phuket region. There are thousands of dreamy Thailand Destinations to go for a swim. Thailand […]

Phang Nga Beaches

The Beaches at Phang Nga Updated 2023! Now is the time to experience Phang Nga Bay thanks to the rejuvenation and regrowth the region experienced without visitors during the covid Pandemic.   Have you ever visited the lush, white sandy Phang Nga beaches? Well, you need to if you are looking for a gorgeous, serene […]