Breakaway from winter by visiting one of these holiday destinations

Updated 2022

Looking for the ultimate Phuket holiday destinations for your next trip out of Australia? Let’s be honest for a moment… It’s been a long, hard two years since the pandemic struck devastation across the globe. Now that the world has re-opened to travel, it’s time to dig up the passport and start planning the next trip abroad.

We all love our sunburnt country but as the cold, dreary winter kicks in, it’s not the worst idea to escape on an affordable adventure to a warmer region.

One of the most popular locations for Australian tourists has long been Phuket, and it is little wonder why. A spectacular climate, warm and inviting locals, cheap, affordable food, and hotel prices… the list goes on.

In this article, we’ll outline, what we consider to be the best Thailand holiday destinations for the Aussie looking for some fun in the sun and genuine excitement. So, whether planning holidays with kids, a romantic honeymoon getaway, or footy trips with your local club there is sure to be something that tickles your fancy in Thailand!

Phuket, Thailand

As a travel choice for Australians, Phuket in Thailand has long been hard to beat. Surrounded by incredible islands of immense beauty, Phuket offers a gateway to fun and relaxation. The most popular activity in the region is a boat tour to either the Phi Phi Islands or Phang Nga Bay. Both regions can be reached on a range of organized boat tours catered to any budget. The downside is that the regions can get incredibly busy and a vacant plot of sand can be hard to find. This is where one of the more intimate, early bird tours can be the ideal choice. These smaller boat tours get their quicker, in the absence of the crowds. Simba Sea Trips offer two tours – The Phi Phi Island Sunrise tour and the Phang Nga Bay and Beyond tour that carry Australians to these glorious regions in the absence of the crowds.

Other fun activities around Phuket can be had on Phuket Beach, along Patong Road, or in Phuket’s old town. Additionally, there are many scenic viewpoints along the foreshore surrounding Phuket that can be ridden with a scooter hire or journeyed to via Taxi.

Bangok, Thailand

If you’re more looking for a Thai trip with the boys (or girls) then Bangkok is a highly attractive option. The nightlife experience when traveling with friends to this city is hard to match when considering the cost of an enjoyable night. We highly encourage a couple of cocktails at one of Bangkok’s rooftop bars, going to a night market to do some shopping and ending the night at one of the many hip and trendy Bangkok nightclubs!

Bangkok is clearly a metropolitan city of the highest order, and for those journeying from areas of Australia that are more rural, it can be an experience like no other, or conversely it  may be a little much and Phuket or Chiang Mai might offer a more pleasant experience.

Chiang Mai, Thailand

Rapidly increasing in popularity in terms of holiday destinations amongst Australians over the past decade, Chiang Mai has much to offer those keen for a getaway. This is a city that is a popular choice for those in the business world with many conferences taking place here. It is the largest city in Northern Thailand and is located approximately 700km North of Bangkok so venturing here by plane is your best bet if time is of the essence. Airfare costs are significantly lower during the middle of the year which makes it an ultra-affordable holiday for the budget-conscious traveler. Making it even more appealing is the incredibly low cost of living with food, groceries, and alcohol far cheaper than you’ll find at home.

It is situated in a mountainous region and is a popular city for ex-pats and backpackers due to its more ‘laidback’ vibe when compared to that of Bangkok.

Common questions answered

Below are some of the most common questions briefly answered for convenience:

If I can only go to one, which city is the best holiday destination?

It all depends on what you are looking for – a relaxing beach holiday? Phuket. A bustling metropolitan holiday? Bangkok. An inland holiday with mountain hikes and a laid back city vibe? Chiang Mai.

Which city is best for a family holiday

While all 3 cities provide a great experience for the kids, it is likely that Phuket would be the most popular choice given the wide range of physical water activities (snorkeling, kayaking etc) that appeal to the younger generations too,

What about the best honeymoon destination?

The best family holiday destination in our opinion is Phuket, Thailand. With spectacular sunsets and sunrises, and a relaxing, chill vibe it is ideal for most looking to relax with their significant other..

How about with the boys on a footy trip?

Either Bangkok Phuket would be affordable, great nightlife destinations for that end of season footy trip. Bangkok is likely to appeal the most for its wider range of choice in terms of bars and pubs, yet Phuket also provides many options especially around Patong Beach. I guess it all depends how long a footy trip we are talking about.

We hope you have found this article informative and that it has helped make your decision on the next great Aussie holiday that much easier. Wherever you end up heading we hope that you have a memorable adventure and that you forge memories to last a lifetime. If you end up in Phuket, don’t forget to drop into Simba Sea Trips and say hello!