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Luxury Phuket MotorYacht Private Charter- Phang Nga Bay Sunset

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4.5 hours

Tour Type

Daily Tour

Group Size

10 people



Phang Nga Bay: A Luxurious Sunset Odyssey Aboard the Sealine SC35 Yacht


Immerse Yourself in Luxurious Seafaring Elegance

Firstly, set sail on a mesmerizing journey with our Phang Nga Bay Sunset Cruise, which proudly features the sophisticated Sealine SC35 motor yacht. This yacht, perfect for intimate groups of up to six, offers a luxuriously private experience at an accessible price. Moreover, its ideal for discerning travelers, this Phuket private boat charter is a gateway to the breathtaking vistas of Phang Nga Bay in unparalleled luxury.

Unveil the Serene Beauty of Phang Nga Bay at Sunset

As you embark on this exclusive voyage, the captivating beauty of Phang Nga Bay, a UNESCO World Heritage site, unfolds before you. Our carefully timed departure ensures that you experience these majestic views in a rare tranquility. Furthermore, revel in the solitude of the bay during sunset, when its limestone cliffs and emerald waters glow under the golden light, far from the day’s usual hustle and bustle.

Explore a Landscape of Cinematic Grandeur

Phang Nga Bay, celebrated for its dramatic limestone cliffs, untouched islands, and verdant mangrove forests, mirrors the enchanting world depicted in the ‘Avatar’ movie. Our yacht cruise, covering a scenic distance of about 40 km, offers a quick and picturesque journey to this dreamlike destination. Here, you’ll avoid the crowded tourist throngs and immerse yourself in the bay’s splendor.

Tailoring Your Experience for Maximum Enjoyment and Comfort

With a focus on your comfort and satisfaction, promising a relaxed and intimate experience. Our commitment is to take you away from the packed beaches and into the realm of exclusivity. This Phuket private boat charter guarantees an experience that is as serene as it is memorable.

Reserve Your Spot on This Unforgettable Phuket Private Boat Charter. Experience Phang Nga Bay’s Splendor in Style!



  • Embark on an exploration adventure in the mystical caves of Koh Phanak
  • Experience the unique culture cruising by the famous Koh Panyee floating village
  • Uncover the secrets of the iconic James Bond Island
  • Indulge in a tranquil beach swim as the sun sets

  • Convenient round-trip transport
  • A selection of refreshing alcoholic and soft drinks, water, and tasty snacks
  • Dinner at the luxurious Soho Pool Club
  • Safety ensured with flotation aids and life jackets
  • All National Park entrance fees
  • Comprehensive insurance for peace of mind
  • Gratuities

Koh Phanak

Our first stop is Koh Phanak for sightseeing and cave exploring. Here we will don the hard hats and grab a torch, looking out for the wild monkeys and bats while on our way into the caves. The cave can seem a little daunting but not far from the entrance you will see the end of the cave that opens into a magical hidden room. Marvel at the mudskippers and take in the wonders of the soaring cliffs. On our return, a refreshing afternoon tea will be waiting for us on the boat.