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Phang Nga Bay Speedboat Sunset Cruise

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4.5 hours

Tour Type

Daily Tour

Group Size

10 people



Join us on Simba Sea Trips’ latest offering, the Phang Nga Bay Sunset Cruise, where time stretches to let you fully absorb the afternoon marvels of this stunning bay. Unlike our other excursions, this Phuket sunset cruise extends the luxury of time, unveiling a captivating transformation of the bay’s rock formations, evolving with each touch of the setting sun. Departing as other tours retreat, relish the tranquil embrace of Phang Nga Bay’s sunset while luxuriating aboard our opulent cruise boat. It’s an unrivaled experience that transcends expectations!

The Enigmatic Phang Nga Bay

Renowned for its majestic limestone cliffs, celestial islets, and enchanting mangrove forests, Phang Nga Bay stands as a coveted gem in Thailand, evoking the visual splendor akin to the fantastical landscapes of the ‘Avatar’ movie.

While the land journey from Phuket to the islands of Phang Nga Bay spans over 120 km, navigating by boat reduces the distance to a mere 40 km. Opting for a Phang Nga Bay Sunset Tour from Phuket not only ensures a swifter arrival but also unveils the bay’s magnificence during the bewitching late afternoon hours. This opportune timing allows you to bask in the region’s allure away from bustling crowds. Our commitment is to curate an immersive and serene experience, steering clear of the hustle found in conventional island tours. Join us aboard the Phang Nga Bay Sunset Cruise in Phuket for an unparalleled journey where tranquility and indulgence converge amidst nature’s breathtaking spectacle.



  • Exploration of the Koh Phanak cave
  • Visit the famous floating village of Koh Panyee
  • Cruise through the Mangrove waterways
  • Essential stop at James Bond Island
  • Final beach stop for a sunset dip

  • Transport
  • Soft drinks, water, fresh fruit, and snacks
  • Flotation aids and life jackets
  • National Park fees
  • Insurance
  • Alcohol
  • Gratuities

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Cave Exploring at Koh Phanak

Our initial destination is Koh Phanak, where we’ll embark on sightseeing and explore its caves. Equipped with hard hats and torches, we’ll keep an eye out for the wild monkeys and bats as we venture into the caves.

Although the cave might appear a bit intimidating initially, shortly after entering, you’ll encounter the cave’s end revealing a mesmerizing hidden chamber. Take delight in observing the mudskippers and admire the majestic towering cliffs. Upon our return, a delightful afternoon tea will be served aboard the boat, offering a refreshing break.