Escape the Crowds at Banana Beach

banana beach as seen from above looking down on the crystal clear blue waters

With the popularity of Phuket exploding year upon year, it is staggering that idyllic yet quiet beaches like Banana Beach still exist. With its illuminating clear blue waters, soft white sand and beautiful surrounds it is hard to see why more people don’t flock to it. The reason probably lies in the fact that compared to many Phuket beach attractions, Banana Beach requires a certain level of effort to reach. Therefore, many might consider, other, more convenient options when choosing a place to set up the brolly and towel.

How do you get to Banana Beach

Banana Beach is quite close to Phuket International Airport although it is unlikely that you’ll head straight here off your plane. This is because there is no accommodation available in the region so naturally you’ll want to head to your hotel first.

For those looking to situate themselves close to Banana Beach, the choices come down to the Nai Thon or Bang Tao Beach areas.

From Nai Thon Beach

It’s a simple journey from Nai Thon. Simply hop into your car and take route 4018 South. You’ll arrive at Banana Beach within 3 mins. Conversely, you can also opt to walk (especially if not in the heat of summer) and this 2 km walk can be achieved in under 25 minutes.

From Bang Tao Beach

For those staying at Bang Tao Beach, you’ll have a slightly longer journey to Banana Beach but it’s still quite routine. You’ll need to Head North from Bang Tao and navigate out of the area until you position yourself to turn left onto 4018. From here it’s just a simple 4 km journey up to the destination point.

From both locations, the tricky part comes with spotting the narrow road passing by the entrance. The easiest way to end up not missing the turn is to follow the signs to Naithon Beach. Drive past Naithon and the Andaman White Beach Resort and the road will wind around until you feast you eyes upon a small amount of cars and bikes on the right hand side. This is the indicator that you’ve reached your destination. All you need to know is be careful not to end up at Trisara Resort. If you end up here you’ve missed the Beach so you’ll need to turn around and head back a short distance.

Banana Beach – Things to Do

longboats docked at banana beacj next to the pier set against a lush backdrop

For most who end up on Banana Beach there are a few activities commonly performed by visitors. The most common of which is swimming. Many also take the opportunity to take part in snorkeling activities. Longtail boats can also be hired and soaking in the sun on board while coasting through the crystal clear waters is an ultra-relaxing activity worth enjoying.

Banana Beach is among the best swimming destinations in Thailand.

But with all that to do, perhaps the most popular ‘activity’ is simply setting up your beach chair and brolly and lazing about on the beach in relatively quiet solitude. It is the space and comfort that Banana Beach provides in the absence of the crowds that makes it such a highly desirable destination.

What else is close to Banana Beach

As mentioned before, when you head down the road on the lookout for Banana Beach, you’ll need to bypass Naithon Noi Beach and its well worth a stop. One of just a few private beaches in Phuket, it is surrounded by the Andaman White Beach resort that lays claim to it. As a private beach you’ll need to be a guest of the hotel to enjoy the area.

Also for those looking to avoid the crowds

Without doubt it can be difficult to find things to do in Phuket in the absence of large crowds. Especially in the high season. Thankfully, many of the main tourist destinations such as Phang Nga Bay, Krabi and Phi Phi can be visited as part of a small group boat tour with Simba Sea Trips. The Simba tours depart earlier in the day than their major competitors and provide more space and less seating on their high-performance speed boats therefore affording guests an unforgettable experience of all boat tour destinations in the absence of large crowds and in maximum comfort.