The Beach Leonardo DiCaprio’s cinematic getaway


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The Beach Leonardo DiCaprio made famous in his film “The Beach” is none other than the beautiful Maya Bay. The movie portrays the adventure of a young man trying to discover himself after several things in his life, and he ends up visiting the paradise that is Maya Bay. The locales are portrayed beautifully in the movie and now you know where that beauty is from.

During the film, Leo gets a map of an island that is supposed to be a utopia to visit. And when they visit the beach, Leonardo DiCaprio‘s character discovers that the place is indeed a magical destination that gives him hope to change his life around. Throughout the film Leo’s character visits plenty of locations of the Maya region and everyone that watched the film fell in love with everything they saw.

Maya Bay is a magical destination nonetheless, but the film managed to show off the locales perfectly, and the director managed to showcase some of the best places in Maya Bay to visit. This beloved movie managed to gather flocks of people over to the area. Back in 2000 when the filming took place, there were too many people, in fact, visiting the area.

Where was The Beach filmed?

The film was filmed at Maya Bay, Phi Phi Island. At Phi Phi Island, the beach that the film took place at is called Hat Maya and since the showing of the film, there were thousands of people that passed through this picturesque and beautiful beach weekly.

Both in the film and in real life, this beach is one of the most beautiful things you will ever see in your life. During the film, you can see the sparkling waters and the amazing vegetation around the beach itself with the soft sand connecting the blue and the green. In real life, you will not only be able to see this immense beauty of the beach and the Phi Phi island in general, but you will also feel the water, touch the sand and get shade underneath the leaves of the trees around the beach. If you watched the film,  you can visit and experience Maya Bay yourself, at one of the most majestic destinations worldwide.

The beach itself is surrounded by clear azure waters that can cool off even the hugest amounts of stress and can make you relax while enjoying the warm touch of the sun on your skin and the relaxing view of everything around you at that moment. In the movie Leo experienced the region in a way that can’t be portrayed through the screen. In real life, everything is 10 times more beautiful at Maya Bay. It’s not only a picture. It’s a whole essence that revolves around what you can see.

Sinking your feet in the sand and feeling the smooth waters of the beach and Maya Bay, in general, you will be able to understand how Leonardo DiCaprio would have felt like.

During the film Leo visits a waterfall as well. The breathtaking waterfalls are located in Khao Yai National Park and they are called Haeo Suwat Falls.

Besides Phi Phi Island, The Beach also had some scenes that were filmed in Phuket and Krabi. These two destinations are also some unforgettable locales from Phuket, Thailand. Once in the area of Phuket, all of these destinations are must visit for various reasons. One of the biggest reasons is the sheer beauty you can witness and the culture that you can experience in these areas. You can see such things as a vibrant town packed with delicious food and spectacular places to visit, alongside amazing beaches and nature destinations with unmatched beauty, like the ones in the movie.

Maya Bay Beach
Maya Bay Beach

Where is Maya Bay?

In The Beach the stars visit Maya Bay in a slightly unconventional way, and you can’t really tell where it is since it is supposed to be this “hidden from the world” location that was hard to find. Maya Bay is located at Ko Phi Phi Le and it is the bay at the western part of the island and it is a part of the Krabi District.

It’s not very hard to miss Maya Bay Phi Phi island –  since there is usually tourists visiting the beach and it is one of the highlights, not only of the Krabi District but the whole Phuket as well.

The beauty attracts people from all over the world that want to experience the beach, Leonardo DiCaprio – style.

One of the bad aspects of the film is that it made Maya Bay a bit too famous, and as a result, at Phi Phi island the beach suffered decay because of the people constantly visiting the place. If you manage to go to the beach yourself, remind everyone to be respectful to the beach and the secluded location itself. This is because respect for the environment with help you appreciate everything you see even more.

How to get to Maya Bay, Thailand

If you are wondering about how to get to Maya Bay – don’t worry! In The Beach Leonardo DiCaprio visits the island in a hardcore way, but that is not the way you should take as well. Fortunately, YOU will have the experience to get to the Maya Bay and the beach with ease and in luxury, unlike the character of Leonardo. Travel to Maya Bay in more style and comfort than Leo managed, on a luxury boat tour that will remain unforgettable, with one of our Maya Bay Tours today!