The Phi Phi Island’s Pileh Lagoon

Updated 2022: 

The amazing Pileh Lagoon in Phuket is again open for visitors to enjoy with Thai tourism once again open for business!

This stunning inlet is found near the equally stunning Maya Bay beach. It is among the most beautiful places to visit in Thailand. It also known as Phi Phi Lagoon or Phi Phi Leh.

The bay has a length of about 600 meters from the entrance to the end. Here, the beautiful waters look more green than blue, dazzling if you are a fan of emerald. The warm waters have hundreds of beautiful multi-colored fish. This natural lagoon is also surrounded by 100 metre limestone cliffs which have impressive vegetation.

There is a small beach at the entrance of the lagoon where you can bathe while you soak in the sunshine. Whether you are in or out of the waters, the lagoon offers a fantastic panoramic view so remember to carry your devices and take pictures, or record the scenery.

From above,  Pileh Bay looks like the shape of a heart offering a spectacular aerial view for drone enthusiasts.

Pileh Lagoon boat tour

boats docking in pileh lagoon close to the beach at the far end to the entry point

This is one of the ultimate tours you must participate in, especially if it’s your first time visiting Phuket. You can take one of the traditional long-tail boats from Phi Phi or Krabi if you want to keep real. That said, if you want to experience the locale in extreme comfort, you can do a speedboat tour. Simba Sea Trips journeys to the Pileh Lagoon as part of the Phi Phi Island Sunrise tour. Beat the crowds and submerge your head underwater during an experience you’ll never forget!

Things to do at Pileh Bay

Most visitors mainly journey here for swimming and snorkeling. So the small beach hidden deep inside the lagoon is either ignored or simply goes unnoticed. If you are looking for solitude, there is a strip of fine white sand in front of the steep and dark cliffs. That said though, there isn’t much privacy as excursion boats pass by a bit too close.


The south east part of the lagoon is the perfect spot for snorkeling enthusiasts. Here, you will find beautiful corals and colorful tropical fishes, making it an absolute delight for snorkelers. Pileh Lagoon is hands-down one of the best Phuket snorkeling spots worthy of your time.  So let this be the number one activity to engage in when you visit the lagoon.

The clear emerald green waters sit perfectly between the cliffs. Once you get here, feel free to jump straight in and snorkel with the large number of beautiful tropical fish. Some of the fish you will find here include thousands of colorful Sargent Major Damsel fish, the Rabbit fish, Rainbow and Moon Wrasses. The Moon Wrasses are as inquisitive as the snorkeler so expect them to come and check you out as well.

Bathing and swimming

The depth of the lagoon starts at about a one metre depth.  So even if you are not a good swimmer, you can stand in the shallow waters. Besides being shallow, its warm temperatures are perfect for bathing. It feels like taking a bath in a bathtub. There is no coral here. Just the fine white sand at the bottom which feels amazing between a swimmer’s toes.

Exploring the Viking cave

Just before you get to the entrance of Pileh Lagoon Phuket, there is a cave commonly known as the Viking Cave. It is a large opening slightly above the water level of the lagoon. This cave has very old paintings on the walls which resemble European sailing ships. What people haven’t proven is whether or not these paintings are of actual Viking ships. Anthropologists have been unable to fully explain how these images came about, what they represent, who painted them or why and when they were painted in the first place.

The Simba Sea Trips tour of Phi Phi stops off at the Viking Cave for the benefit of those on board.

Best time to visit Pileh Bay Phi Phi?

Pileh Lagoon Phuket­­ and its beaches are most ideally accessed during morning hours when there are less crowds and distractions. During this period, the waters are amazingly clear and calm. Plus, you get to avoid the massive crowds. The months from January to April are perfect for snorkeling.

The best season to visit is the in months between November and May. This is the time when the weather and the sea conditions are at their best in this region of Thailand.

Though not as crowded as the Maya bay, try visiting during the low seasons. Peak season means the bay will be super busy. This means there will also be too many boats which ­­­­­might interfere with you enjoying your amazing moment. However, an early rise boat tour like that offered by Simba Sea Trips avoids this problem.

Where to stay on Phi Phi island

Phi Phi Island Village Beach

This is popularly known as the best place on Phi Phi. If you are planning to stay here, then you need to book early enough because it gets filled up very fast. The place has bungalows on the Phi Phi beach which offer the best views on the island. They are a great honeymoon vacation spot or for lovers looking for a romantic holiday break.


U-RIP has spacious, clean and modern accommodation rooms. The rooms come with a complementary mini bar and a large balcony. So you can unwind as you enjoy your glass of something  tasty while watching the sun goes down. This modern hotel has a type of infinity pool that looks out into the ocean. So you can swim as you enjoy the beautiful view of the ocean.

The hotel staff are very friendly and always happy to assist in whatever way. It is perfect for backpackers, honeymooners, as well as family holiday makers.

Final Thoughts

The Pileh Lagoon is one spot that tourists can’t get enough of. It is ideal for most people because compared to other destinations, it doesn’t cost much. This lagoon has been rated by most tourists as one of the top sightseeing spots in throughout the Phi Phi Islands. Here you will get the chance to create lasting memories of your holiday by capturing iconic photos that will last a lifetime. The scenery will take your breath away.

Much as this bay gets overlooked because of the popularity of Maya bay, next time you are in Phi Phi area, make sure you pay a visit!