Located just a mile off the South Eastern end of Phuket near Rawai Beach  is Koh Bon Island Phuket, 4,100 feet long that is densely covered trees. That said, its coast is either rocky or covered with some beautiful fine sand. Much as it is near Phuket, a short longtail boat ride away, this tiny island hasn’t been invaded by developers just yet.

How to get there

As I mentioned above, the most convenient way to get to the island is by using longtail boats which you will find waiting for visitors on Rawai Beach. Before you hop onto one, make sure that you settle on the price. Usually, the average price for a round trip by boat is 1,300 baht. Prices can vary a bit depending on the season, the number of people using the boat as well as the demand for the boats. That said though feel free to bargain. The boat rides should take you no more than 10 minutes.

On Bon Island Phuket, there are two drop-off points. The one that’s most popular is the beach that hosts Bon Island Restaurant. This is on the northern side of Koh Bon. Here, there is lots of sand on one side of the beach while the other side is a bit rocky. Here you can throw a beach mat and just chill. You can see this beach from Rawai Beach or Rawai Landing Pier.

The second drop off is towards the southwest side of the island, on Long beach. This is quite deserted. This one is a perfect snorkelling spot.

The island has 2 main beaches. One is near the Evason Resort Phuket and the second one is the hidden restaurant of ‘Dawn’, an English woman who made her home about 20 years or so ago. Being near Phuket, the island is the perfect spot to dash for lunch.

There are other smaller beaches on Koh Bon. However, some are not accessible by boat because of the rocky sea.

Activities to enjoy on the Island

Snorkelling is the most common thing that people love to partake in when they visit Bon Island Phuket. There are various areas to enjoy this sport. Below are three spots to consider:

  • Towards the left side of the island’s restaurant.
  • Where the longtail boats drop people just around the corner.
  • The beach towards the south west corner of the island.

One thing you need to note is that if you plan on snorkeling here, you will need to carry your own snorkeling gear. No rentals are offered here. The water current is also something to watch out for especially towards the left side of the restaurant. There is a strong underwater stream which if not careful, might wipe you into the see. So, the best thing us to try as much as possible and stay as close to the beach as possible.

Where to eat

The restaurant on the island has thatched roofs and wooden salas which gives the restaurant the feel of a little hideaway. During the high season there are usually more people at the restaurant. The thing with looking for a quiet hidden spot for lunch during the high season is that you are not the only one in search of that.

Visitors who discover Bon Island Phuket usually come back because they fall in love with the place. Speed boats also stop by while passing though to other tourist attractions and beaches of Phuket. The moment these speed boats pass by, you can enjoy this tranquil island snorkeling and kayaking, lounging as you watch yachts and sailing boats as you sip on some fresh coconut water. If you didn’t know, this restaurant is electricity free. But that doesn’t stop it from getting some wonderful reviews on the delicious food and casually friendly service.

Remember the English woman, Dawn, we mentioned earlier? Well, tourists really admire her lifestyle. Visitors usually stop by her place to enjoy her Tamarind prawns and pepper prawns. Her tranquil environment just makes everything perfect. Her place, surrounded by the sandy beach and palm trees seems like a little heaven on earth for most, so to speak.

On this island, all you need to bring with you is a relaxed mood. Enjoy the cocktails served in coconut shells and devour the food.