Also known as the Naka Market or even Chaofa Variety Weekend Market, the Phuket Weekend Market is a place that you must visit if you really want to experience Phuket at its fullest. This vast night marketplace is located near the Central Festival in Phuket Town.

Besides the other two names above, this weekend night market Phuket has been dubbed other names like ‘Phuket Chatuchak’ since its being compared to the giant Chatuchak Weekend Market in Bangkok . Thais call it ‘Talad Tairod’ meaning Car Boot Sale’. But the name that seems to have stuck in people’s minds and mouths these days is ‘Naka Market’. So, when you hear of the Naka Weekend market, just know its non-other than Phuket Weekend Night Market

The setting at the Phuket Town Weekend Market

One striking feature of the weekend market Phuket is how big it is. It can be overwhelming for those who prefer more intimate shopping places because it is usually very crowded and hot. That said though, for those who are up for it, it can be so much fun! You need to brace yourself to walk for hours especially if you there looking for souvenirs and ornaments. Even the things you don’t need, you will find at the Phuket Weekend Market. And guess what! Most of the stuff here isn’t genuine so you need to know how to spot authentic stuff.

The market is divided into two sections. There is the shopping section and then the food section which you do not want to miss as it is so much fun!

Thing that makes this night market so much fun is the fact that it is intense and very colourful. But the best thing it does for visitors is that it gives them a unique glance at the daily life of Thai people of all walks of life, rich or poor.

Well here are some of the other secrets you need to know…

What to Buy at the weekend market Phuket

a night market stall full of food at the naka night market


There are lot of clothes displaying some of the famous world designers. As I mentioned above, the authenticity of these brands is questionable as the prices are ridiculously low – that is if you know the prices of the authentic designer brands in the market.

Now if you like shopping for cheap stuff, then you will have loads of fun at the Phuket Weekend Night Market. Always remember the sayings “cheap is expensive” and “when the deal is too good, think twice”. The same applies to bags, watches, perfumes and other accessories. So, use your eye well when choosing something. Good thing is, there is some excellent stuff made by local designers that are genuine.


There is loud music that will pull you to some big DVD shops. They have the latest … you will even find those that haven’t hit the theaters yet! Again, quality doesn’t come cheaply. The quality of you see on their TV screens might not be the same quality when you watch them at home.

There is a lot of ‘pirated’ stuff on sale at the at the Phuket Weekend Market. One thing is that you will notice that the vendors sell them openly without a care. Clearly, it shows just how lax the anti-piracy campaigns are here.

Second hand shoe shop

This is one of the shops that surprises most people at the Naka Weekend Market.

What to eat at the weekend night market Phuket

If there is a place that has lots of things that will tickle your taste buds, it’s the Phuket town weekend market. There are lots of Thai classics prepared in different fashions – boiled, fried, fermented, steamed, chilled, sliced, rolled … you name it. Don’t be scared to eat all you can eat. That’s what the market is for… Plus, you can just pick something and nibble as you hop from shop to shop.

The thing is, whether you are at the Phuket Weekend Market to shop or eat, such markets are always lots of fun. Everyone goes here to browse the various arrays of goods that are on display as well as take some back home. So, while in Phuket make sure you visit this place. It will be worth the while.

What else is worth doing on the weekend

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