Freedom Beach Phuket

Located just south of the famous Patong Beach, Freedom Beach in Phuket is one of the prettiest beaches in Thailand. Some like to call it the best kept secret. Much as it is hard to find because of being surrounded by jungle, hills and granite rocks, this lovely 300m long stretch of incredibly soft white sand is worth searching for. The effort and challenge it takes to find this beach is what makes this beach exclusive. Plus, get ready to feast your eyes on the turquoise-blue waters.

Getting to Freedom Beach in Phuket

freedom beach with a boat in the background

Some years back, the only way you could get to Phuket Freedom Beach was by boat. These days, there is a road that leads people there. You can also hire a longtail boat from the dock at the southern end of Patong beach will set you off about 1000 to 1500 baht depending on how many people get on it. It takes about 15 minutes.

The other options are to get a boat from the north end of Karon Beach or hire one from Tri Trang Beach which is the nearest to Freedom Beach. Unfortunately, you may have to wait a while for one if you take this cheap option.

Then there is also the option of walking down from the top of the hill.

Things to do at the beach

Freedom Beach Phuket is one of the busiest beaches in Phuket. That said, you will be shocked at how calm and peaceful it actually is. This makes it the perfect place for one to soak up the sun while in Phuket.

There are other fun activities that one can also participate in besides sunbathing. With the perfectly soft stretch of white sand, visitors who feel a little energetic can enjoy beach soccer as the beach some two mini goal posts. One can enjoy playing some beach volleyball as well.

There are areas that are condoned off for swimming. These are the northern and southern parts of the Phuket Freedom Beach.

The shallow waters of Freedom Beach Phuket are host to some very colorful species of fish and other water animals. Luckily, the beach does not have jet-skis or noisy activities to scare the marine life away. That said, the beach is the perfect spot for snorkeling fans to enjoy swimming with exotic reefs as well as admire the various colorful tropical fish species. So bring your mask and fins.

Phuket Freedom Beach is one of the most beautiful places to simply relax and enjoy the warm clear water. At the southern end of the beach are some restaurants with a seating area. You will find sun loungers under palm trees that can be rented. Always remember to at least carry some screen and other protective gear if you are planning on staying under the sun.

Enjoy some Thai food as well as other international cuisines. You can also get some snacks as well as cold tropical fruit drinks.

The beach might lack the hustle and bustle that most popular beaches in Phuket have but all this is compensated by the perfect views and the opportunity that visitors get to enjoy the nature. People from different places come here to just enjoy the tranquil seclusion that this beach has to offer.

Best time to visit Freedom Beach in Phuket

The best time to visit the beach is in the morning. During this time, the beach is perfect as the weather is cooler. It is also the perfect time because not many people will be there so you will enjoy some peace and quiet if that is your cup of tea.

Places to stay near Freedom Beach

Being a hidden treasure, there is no overnight accommodation at Freedom Beach in Phuket. But if you plan on having a stay over, you will have to take a tuk tuk to places nearby where you can have a luxurious rest. Here are some of the places you can stay overnight after enjoying the beach:

  1. Chic Condo Karon – This is located about 15 minutes south of Freedom beach.
  2. Alavista Grande Phuket Karon Mgallery: This is 17 minutes’ drive from the beach. It’s a home away from home as you enjoy your Thailand adventures.
  3. Grand Sunset Hotel: This is just 13 minutes’ drive away with a gorgeous view of the Andaman Sea from their outdoor rooftop pool.
  4. Central Villas Phuket Hotel: 10 minutes away and has a spa overlooking the sea.
  5. Andam Seaview Hotel Karon Beach: 17 minutes southeast of Freedom beach. All the rooms have vibrant colors with a perfect view of the sea and a balcony overlooking the pools outside.