Golfing in Phuket

If you are planning to golf in Phuket, then you need to know which the best golf courses are because they have very beautiful golf courses. The main issue is which one to golf at. You will definitely be spoilt for choice. 

One thing that makes the golf courses on the island great is that they are designed in a way that gives one a great golfing experience as you enjoy the tropical climate of the island and unique scenery. 

The thing that makes Phuket the best destination for golfing when on holiday is that they have world-class golf courses. Believe me when I say, Phuket is a golfers’ paradise. The golf courses are well manicured. To add more effect to their beauty are the waters and the tropical trees. Most of the golf courses are near hotels so if it’s a family holiday, you don’t have to worry. They can bask on the beach or by the swimming pools. Your only worry should be where to play golf in Phuket?

Luxurious and top-notch customer service come with the golf packages. The standards are set very high. The green grass and vegetation are super green and the holes offer the well needed challenge for experienced players. Some of the ones that are on our list of the best golf courses have hosted world championships and international competitions. So, if you are a golfer on holiday, then Phuket will offer you a memorable golfing experience. 

Check out our best 7 golf courses and choose one that will suit you best.

Red Mountain Golf Club

If you are wondering about where to play golf in Phuket and are looking for the best of the best, the Red Mountain Golf Club has been rated by the people who have played here as Phuket’s number 1 golf course when asked to pick which one was the best course they have played in. Why? The scenery is just breath-taking with the most unique layouts in Thailand. One thing you have to know is that it is also the be the most expensive. But if you can afford it, the golfing experience you will get here is worth every penny and the view alone is breath-taking. The name came from the fact that the course meanders between hills, lakes and ponds.

Blue Canyon Country Club – Canyon Course

This one is a famous championship golf course that hosted the prestigious Johnnie Walker Classic twice where the infamous golfer Tiger Woods won. It is the one of the best golf courses and it has the best layout in Phuket. If you are looking for a challenging course then this will be great for you.

Much as it has the best layout, the conditions aren’t always great. So better check it out first before making a booking.

Blue Canyon Country Club – Lakes Course

The Blue Canyon Country Club, Lakes Course is a sister course to the challenging Blue Canyon Country Club – Canyon Course. This one is the easier one and is perfect for players of all levels. So, if say you are new to golfing and are wondering where to play golf in Phuket you should consider this course. That said though it is also has enough challenges for average golfers too. Compared to the Canyon Course, this one is always in good condition. As the name goes, it has plenty of water hazards, canyons, and ponds. You will also have to avoid some rubber trees when playing.

Laguna Golf Phuket

This is the most popular resort golf course. It is located in the middle of Laguna hotel and resort complex near Bangtao beach. Initially it was quite boring and flat but after some remodelled and re-designed it now provides golfers the much-needed challenge for golfers of all levels with enough bumps and hollows.

It’s not a very long course and its main defence are the strategically sited bunkers and water hazards and the newly shaped greens which have plenty of bumps and hollows which makes putting a challenge. The course has superb facilities and friendly staff.

Phuket Country Club

This is one of the oldest best golf courses in Phuket. Compared to the newer ones, it is pretty short but tremendously popular to both locals and visitors alike and very ideal for experienced handicappers. Initially people used to walk but these days they have buggy tracks for buggies. The landscape is varied – flat mid-section, undulating fairways and with holes closer to the jungle.

Mission Hills Golf Club 

This one was designed by legendary golfer Jack Nicklaus. It is that is the only golf course that has holes beside the sea.  As picturesque as the course is, this can be a bit of a disadvantage during strong winds. There is a fabulous clubhouse with facilities that will meet your expectation. The maintenance of the course has been a challenge and drainage poor during heavy rains. Its best to check its condition before playing.

Loch Palm Golf Club 

If you are looking for where to play golf in Phuket in the easiest way possible. The course is situated in a valley overlooked by jungle-covered hills. There is a huge lake surrounded by the first few holes. Once you are through with the first holes or can avoid them, things get easier. Most holes aren’t so exhilarating but they are exciting enough for most local golfers.