The Beaches at Phang Nga

Updated 2023! Now is the time to experience Phang Nga Bay thanks to the rejuvenation and regrowth the region experienced without visitors during the covid Pandemic.  

Have you ever visited the lush, white sandy Phang Nga beaches? Well, you need to if you are looking for a gorgeous, serene place to relax. Lucky for you, these gems can be accessed easily as part of a Phang Nga Bay & Beyond tour or as part of a kayaking tour of Phang Nga.

Phang Nga Bay Beaches are very active too with lots of activities for visitors to indulge in. There are lots of restaurants and they are also great for swimming, snorkeling, doing boat rides and tours. Plus, if you are one that prefers peace and tranquility, there are also some quiet beaches where you can relax and simply stroll along the sand. We can safely and confidently say that if you are looking for a place where there is something for everyone, then you should be headed to the beaches in the Phang Nga region.

The best ones lie from just south of Takua Pa all the way to opposite Phuket. Some of the places are totally untamed with little or no development. Before the 1980s one could practically walk along the stretches of beaches without seeing a hotel in site.

Now that we have given you a little description about Phang Nga,  let’s dive in and talk a little more about some of the main Phang Nga Beaches on the mainland. Let’s start with Khao Lak Beach.

Khao Lak Beach

Khao Lak Beach is a beautiful white sandy beach that you will come across when you will come across as you approach the coastline of Phang Nga Province. Actually, the entire seaside area, 30 km up north, from Khao Lak Beach to end at Takua Pa is actually what is named Khao Lak.

This is one of the Phang Nga Bay Beaches that is perfect for swimming. There are beautiful and eye-catching rocks of different shapes and sizes. The other things that make this place tranquil and perfect for relaxation are the majestic pine trees as well as the majestic pine trees

There is a shrine by the name Chaopho Khao Lak that locals really hold dear and respect.

Satellite businesses are also coming up which have made Khao Lak Beach less dependent on far businesses, hence making the beach more self-sufficient. There are several bamboo-and-thatch seafood restaurants, an Italian food joint, a few bars and shops. That means guests have enough options at their disposal. The one restaurant that you must visit is the Siam Turmeric which is just at the beginning of the road towards Khao Lak Beach.

Bang Lut Beach

Another one of Phang Nga Beaches is the secluded Bang Lut Beach on the west coast. They have a fishing village that has a petite fishing pier. There is no development on the beach giving this powdery beach a serene aura. There is a plush concentration of palm trees and casuarina trees surrounding the beach.

Natai Beach

This one is one of the clean, serene and untamed beaches that are perfect for relaxation. The waves are calmer here and offer a perfect calm backdrop for taking pictures. This sandy beach is perfect for walks on the shores or to the pier. You will love the sunsets here. Plus, its perfect for picnics and soaking the evening sun. It’s not ideal for swimming but it’s safe enough. This could be the reason that you might not find lots of resorts.

Thai Mueang Beach

This is one of the beaches at Phang Nga Bay that has clear waters snuggled against a white sandy beach. The beach slopes up to forests and mangroves as you get to the Tableau Naval Base. It’s also beside the highway making it easily accessible. What makes it special is the sea turtles that come to the beach to lay eggs between November and February. Locals host an annual “Sea Turtle Releasing Festival” in March when the turtles hatch.

Sunset Beach

Another one of the Phang Nga Bay Beaches with clear beaches, soft golden sand and low tides is the Sunset beach. There are beachfront resorts that cover the entire beach have a gorgeous view of the waters. Snorkelling is on the table here if you want to enjoy the great variety of fish and plants.

Khuk Khak Beach

This is one of the beaches at Phang Nga Bay that are alive and lined with resorts. The clear waters extend for a while and there is a small fishing village where visitors can watch the fishermen fish. There are also some eateries, shops, market and a bus station meaning accessibility isn’t an issue. There are small lagoons behind the beach.

Bang Niang Beach

This is one of the main holiday Phang Nga Beaches. It is the perfect beach for families as well as couples. The waters here are shallow enough and perfect for swimming any time of day. You can take a barefoot stroll on the fine sand that has no rocks as you hunt and collect seashells.

As I mentioned that this is a holiday beach, tours can be arranged for visitors by tour agents and there are lots of bars, restaurants and shops to keep you busy while on holiday. The whole beachfront is lined up with hotels. Its more upmarket with luxury hotels and residential homes.