Ever been to Ya Nui Beach Phuket? If you have, tiny as the beach is, then you will back us up by agreeing that it is one very charming place to be.

The beach is located in a cove between the Promthep Cape and Windmill Viewpoint at the southern side of Phuket. Being between 2 most popular viewpoints in Phuket, this charming beach appears to be secret beach. That said, it is very popular and can in some days, it can be very busy.

More about Nui Beach

A lot of activities take place in this little cove. The most popular ones are snorkelling, kayaking, and fishing. The sand is very soft and cushy with a good selection for shells for kids or anyone who would like to collect.

There is also an island nearby called Koh Man which is 700 metres out in the sea. When the weather allows, visitors can paddle to go and admire corals. It is also possible to paddle up to Nai Harn,

Getting to Nui Beach

There are three ways to get to Ya Nui Beach Phuket. The first route is from Nai Harn where you can drive south past the Windmill Viewpoint and to the beach. The second is when coming from the inland. Take the road from Rawai and head on straight until you get to the point where the Rawai-Promthep road swings left and continue on until you reach the beach. The last option is to drive down the northern side of Promthep and voila – there goes the beach.

The Beach

The thing that really brings people to this charming beach is the beach. It is the main reason that people take the time to drive down here. The turquoise waters are magnificent excepting the northern part. As for the sand it is very soft and fine.

You will get a few beach chairs and a diving spot near the beach. One of the peculiar things that makes this tiny beach so attractive is the small cape in the middle. To add to the beauty is the backdrop of a big island and the grassy slopes on each side of the cove.

At Ya Nui Phuket, you will find yachts and fishing boats always sheltered here. The clear blue-green waters make it perfect for snorkelling. The northern area which is 300 meters long is perfect for swimming. There are kayaks you can rent to paddle further away from the beach out to Koh Man for better snorkelling spots.

During the high season when it is busy, you will find vendors selling clothes, fresh fruit, snacks, and souvenirs. You will also find eateries and restaurants where you can get refreshments.

Places surrounding the beach

Windmill Viewpoint

Sometimes known as the wind turbine the windmill viewpoint is a scenic hill that is on one side of Ya Nui Beach Phuket. The beauty about the viewpoint is the birds’ view. This viewpoint is very popular with photographers. Also, if you want some of the best pre-wedding pictures, this spot offers the romantic background. It is easily accessible by back or motorbike.

Promthep Cape

This one is on the other side of the cove. It is fully called the Promthep Cape Sunset Viewpoint. As the name suggests it is a good spot for taking sunset photos. This is what makes it irresistible to visitors who visit the Nui beach and even those at Nai Harn Beach.

Day in and day out, this landmark has become the spot where hundreds of tourists meet with their cameras facing west. In the evenings, buses offload hordes of tourists dying for just a picture of that dazzling sunset. And as soon as the sun starts going down, the whole place goes abuzz with camera flashes. The irony of it all is people taking sunset photo with a flash! (haha)

So, whenever you are in Ya Nui Phuket do not let this moment of enjoying and admiring some good old’ Phuket sunset pass you by.

Ya Nui Bungalows Restaurant

If it so happens that you enjoyed the beach too much and want to stay an extra day, across the road, there are the ‘Yanui Bungalows’ that offer local accommodation. This tiny thatch-roofed restaurant that also serves Thai food only. So, it’s mainly local cuisine… nothing fancy. They also serve cold drinks as you soak your feet in their fine sand. There is also a diving center.

So, whenever you are headed to the beach, don’t forget to also visit the viewpoint spots surrounding it.