Do you want to discover the best Phi Phi Island activities in 2023? Then read on as we provide details into the best Phi Phi activities to try this year!

This island is very popular for its stunningly beautiful tourist attraction spots. Besides the clear turquoise waters, the soft white sandy tropical beaches, and the amazing rock formations, there are a lot of activities to keep one busy for the whole holiday.

This island consists of 6 smaller islands: Koh Phi Phi Don, Koh Phi Phi Leh, Koh Bida Nok, Koh Bida Nai, Koh Phai, and Koh Young. So, while here, it will be quite impossible to run out of things to participate in… snorkelling, impressive accommodation and more. This island is perfect for both holidaying as well as backpacking. You will see that for yourself.

New to the island. You need not worry. Let us take you through our choice of the 10 best things to do on Ko Phi Phi in 2023.

10 best Phi Phi activities

1. Take a tour with Simba Sea Trips

Not trying to boast but let’s be honest a Phi Phi Island tour with our experienced team is right at the top of list. The reviews speak for themself!

Most operators will venture to the region with little space to spare on their boat. Simba Sea Trips ensures that this uncomfortable experience is avoided with a spacious boat tour that leaves early enough to beat the crowds. Thus, providing you with ultimate comfort and optimal space to enjoy the Phi Phi island experience as part of a Phi Phi Sunrise boat tour.

2.      A Journey to Maya Bay

The Maya Bay Beach is one of the most popular beaches on the island among tourists because of its super white powdery sand, crystal clear waters and lush vegetation. It also has the perfect weather suitable for diving and swimming. The Bay gained its fame after it was featured in the movie: The Beach starring Leonardo Di Caprio.

The best time to visit the Phi Phi Maya Bay Beach is during the high seasons from November through to April. The landscape is also stunning so visitors from around the world can take amazing pictures of the bay. Our Sunrise tour gets you to Maya Bay faster than the rest of the boats heading there, which makes a big difference in the middle of the high season!

3.      Phi Phi view point

It takes about a 30-minute hike to get to the famous view point in the island. It is located to the east of a flat strip of sand where you can get a view of the village as well as two bays. Much as the hike can get a bit sweaty, it’s worth the trouble. The view is postcard perfect. Plus, there is a restaurant at the top where you can get refreshments to cool you off. So, if you are looking Phi Phi Island activities the hike will do you just great too.

4.      Phi Phi Lee’s Bamboo Island

This is one amazing island worth seeing when in Thailand. It gets its name from the bamboo trees that cover the area. It is about 700 by 600 m with white sand making it perfect for visitors.

Some of the best things to do on Ko Phi Phi on the Bamboo Island is exploring the shores, the small bars, snorkelling where you can enjoy the superb coral reef, rides on speedboats, even overnight ones.

5.      Diving

Sea diving is one of the fun things you can do in Ko Phi Phi. You can get some professional diving classes like scuba diving and divemaster courses. There are great diving sites like Shark Point Anemone Reef, and the King Cruiser Wreck with wonderful underwater fauna and flora to feast your eyes on. The best time to go diving at PhiPhi is from May to December which is referred to as the wet season.

6.      Rock climbing

a woman rock climbing on the Phi Phi island rock facade

Rock climbing has become one of the interesting events for the adventurous visitors mainly because of the tall limestone cliff. There are world class climbing sites as well as opportunities for both armatures and pro climbers. There is the Tonsai Tower which is like a paradise for rock climbers visiting Phi Phi.

7.      Shark siting tours 

So here we are again… For those people who like to explore their dangerous side when snorkelling, the shark watching tours should work for you. From Ko Phi Phi Don island, there are shark watching tours which usually begin early in the morning and end at midday. You need to be a small manageable group and you will also need a professional guide. This is one of the coolest most exhilarating things to do in Phi Phi. Plus, they are very educational. If you have the heart for this experience, then better give it a shot. The best company to consider is The Adventure Club.

8.      Thai cooking class

Thai cuisine is very tasty. One thing that visitors love to do is learn about the spices used to make these foods as well as the techniques so that they can be able to make thee delicacies once the holidays are over. One such place is the Pum’s Thai Cooking School which has a branch on Koh Phi Phi Don. Whether it’s a quick 30-minute lessons or even one that stretches to up to three hours, you can learn a lot about essential herbs and the tantalizing sauces used in Thai cuisine… great education to share with family at home.

9.      The Viking cave

Another popular Phi Phi Island activity is paying a visit to the Viking Cave on Koh Phi Phi Leh. This sight to behold is located at the bottom a tall limestone cliff north of the island. The cave gets its name from the ancient paintings found on the walls of the cave. So, since the cave is near Maya Beach, feel free combine the two visits.

10.  Moo Dee Bay

This bay hosts a 500m long beach with its clear waters and fine, white sand. Now, if you are the kind of person who likes some tranquil places away from the crowd, this is the perfect spot for you. Enjoy some snorkelling, seafood and drinks while here.

So now that you know our 10 best Phi Phi activities, how about trying them out and lots more that Phi Phi has to offer.