Pronounced as Ao Sain, Ao Sane Beach in Phuket is one of the few beaches in the region that still appears untamed and undiscovered.  It actually looks like it hasn’t changed over the last 20 years or so. Much as it requires a little effort to get there, it is no longer a secret beach as it used to be years back. Today, the number of tourists visiting there have increased significantly. The roads leading to this quiet, untamed beach have got such lovely sceneries. Compared to how it was before, there is more development that years back.

How to get there

If you have not heard about it, you are not alone. To get there, you will have to get to the larger Nai Harn beach first, then proceed to the northern side of the beach and walk on the road that passes around the main entrance of Nai Harn resort. There is a about another 600 metres of thin, twisted road to cover before you reach the parking lot of ‘Ao-Sane Bungalow and Restaurant. Carry on to Baan Krating Resort. 50 meters down the steep concrete path should get you to Ao Sane Beach Phuket. The parking space isn’t much so you are better off parking at Nai Harn then venturing there via a 1-kilometre walk.

Once there, you’ll find that the beach is only about 130 meters in length and it has granite rocks on both ends. These granite rocks, some much bigger are also residing on both the beach and in the water. The beach has three tiny sandy bays and as you pass through a few bungalows you can walk from one bay to the next.

Things to do

One of the things that most people find appealing here is the ruggedness of the beach and its natural appeal. First off, there is a beautiful view of Phromthep Cape and Ya Nui Beach. At the beach one can rent beach chairs in the shade that can be rented for 200 baht a day. The beach is perfect for snorkeling. In case you forgot to carry your snorkeling gear, you can rent some at the at the Armin’s Dive Shop. If you are a first-timer, Ao Sane Beach Phuket offer snorkeling and beach diving lessons too for approximately 950 baht per person. Even during rainy seasons, it’s pretty safe to snorkel here as the beach is relatively calm.

Here one could chill for hours and enjoy a few cold drinks as the restaurant is just a few steps away. The restaurant has ample sitting space which is in the shade. The prices are fair. The food is good and will set you back between 90 to 200 baht.

If you are looking for some quiet time on the beach, you will get it here as its quiet and relaxing. There is no blaring music, no noises from vehicles, Just the calming sound of the ocean.

Where to stay

If you are planning an overnight trip, there are a few accommodation options to consider around Ao Sane Beach Phuket. You will see some bungalows at the west side of the restaurant. They go for about 500 Baht during the low seasons. One thing that makes these bungalows appealing is the fact that they are right on the beach with the restaurant just a few steps away. A low price of 500 Baht for a beachfront bungalow in Phuket is such a steal.

But if you have a bit more money to spend, then the best accommodation places are at the larger Nai Harn beach like Nai Harn Resort or the Sabana Resort. There is also the 3-star Baan Krating Resort, 500 m to the west of the beach.

Enjoy the peace and quiet…