Relax at the Bamboo Island

One of our favorite places to visit while on our Phi Phi Islands boat tour is Bamboo Island. This serene spot is one of our favorite places on Earth, and this evidenced by the number of times we visit it during our open season. Every single time, the view and the beauty of the island still amaze us. This is probably one of the best spots on the planet to just sit there and relax, take in one of the most beautiful sceneries you will ever witness in your life.

bamboo island overview

A breathtaking destination of the Phi Phi Islands

Bamboo Island, Thailand, is one of the favorite destinations when people visit the Phi Phi islands in general. When in Thailand, Bamboo Island is a must for many of the visitors. Some other highlights of the Phi Phi islands are the amazing Pileh Lagoon, the Maya Bay and the Viking cave located next to each other, the islands Koh Phi Phi Don and Koh Phi Phi Leh, monkey beach and of course, the main highlights are the white sand and the turquoise waters that surround the beautiful islands. Please note that you can organize your day trip with us for the Phi Phi islands and reach them by speed boat!

Bucket list material!

Your time at Phi Phi should include the Bamboo Island Phuket Thailand experience! This offers some of the most impressive locales, and Bamboo Island is one of the best. The secluded location is a favorite among visitors because of its serenity, combined with the beauty of the island. The tiny island is covered in bamboo trees, thus the name of the island, and it also has one of the most famous beaches on Phi Phi, the Bamboo beach. The beach itself is magnificent. From the crystal clear water to the crisp white sand of the beach, the only thing that the location inspires is immense calmness and relaxation. Once you set foot on the beach and take a look around, you feel like you are stepping out of one of those traveling guides you used to look at all the times. You lean back, appreciate the view, enjoy the scenery and feel nothing but grateful for the beauty our planet offers so freely.

What to do at Bamboo Island

Once you get on the island you will be greeted by the inviting waters and the sand of the island, but also the beach amenities that are there. For example, there are toilets for visitors and places to grab a snack. A bite is always welcome when you are enjoying such amazing scenery. On the beach, of course, you will have to keep in mind that you NEED to keep it clean. Treat the beach like you would treat your own house since it is one of nature’s most precious spots.

The island in general, besides the beaches, has a magnificent bed of greenery making it feel all the more magical. The forest of the island has some bamboo trees amongst the foliage, but you can also find plenty of other trees there, and a walk through it is highly suggested, Just watch your step!

Another activity on bamboo island is of course snorkelling! Snorkelling is enjoyable all over the Phi Phi island, and that is also the case for the Bamboo island as well. So, put your snorkelling mask on and explore the underwater scenery of Bamboo Island and see all the colourful fish. But if you wanna take it a step further, then you can dive just a bit further in deeper water.

A must visit while at Phi Phi

The majestic island is not a big one, but it has an incredible amount to offer to visitors. It feels like the whole island has a soul. The beauty is something that you simply have to stop and stare at for a while, soak it in, and realize that it is one of the most beautiful places on the planet. And the way to the island is not too shabby either! You will have the opportunity to travel on serene waters and beautiful coastlines and you will start seeing the island on the horizon. Before you even realize how beautiful it is, you will be walking on the smooth, sandy beach. You can get to the island by long boat or speedboat, and of course, Simba Sea Trips can provide you with the perfect way to reach Bamboo island. Just settle on a trip and you can leave the idyllic journey to Bamboo Island and Bamboo Beach with us!