Why Bang Tao Beach is well worth a visit

bang tao beach looking out over the crystal clear waters that surround it

Bang Tao Beach is one of Phuket’s longest beaches – about 6 km long. It’s the second-longest strip of sand on the island and is located between the airport and Patong Beach on the western side of the island. So if you aren’t used to such big beaches, then it can be quite an overwhelming walk. Lots of people hail it for having some of the region’s leading beach clubs. There is lots to see and do – scenery, restaurants, hotels and activities – and is free from the noise of business of Patong. At BangTao Beach you will also find some of the finest hotels and restaurants that Phuket has to offer. So if luxury is what you are going for, then luxury is what you will get.

That is not to say that a person on a budget can’t have a great time. So if you are on a budget, then this guide will show you some of the great places to visit while you are in Bang Tao Beach. Plus, the good thing with this place is that it’s got more family oriented spots as opposed to the extreme nightlife of Patong. So briefly, here is what to look out for.

A Brief of BangTao Beach 

On the north end is the Layan Beach, which we could say is mostly in its natural and unspoilt state. Moving towards the south you’ll find classy beach clubs. And in the middle, there is the Laguna complex that hosts lots of five-star hotels and restaurants.


  • Beautiful long beach
  • Classy restaurants
  • Great boutiques for shopping
  • Some of the world’s best beach clubs
  • Great surfing opportunities

Possible Cons

  • Long distances between attraction spots
  • Few sight-seeing attractions
  • Fairly quiet nightlife

Things to do in Bang Tao Beach

two longboats docked in front of a cafe at bang tao

Much as there may be less unique things to see, you have the beach and the beach clubs. This isn’t such a bad thing though. Good thing is that you’ve got lots of sand and pretty much no rocks near the club evening show. So can enjoy lots of sandbathing. Some of the beaches to check out while there are: The Beach of Bangtao, Layan Beach and the Dream Beach Club – Phuket.

Places to shop at Bang Tao

Now, if you are a shopaholic, you might not appreciate the place since it has no shopping malls. However, you will find a few big-brand designer labels and some great little shopping arcades. These arcades host small local boutiques which have unique stuff at reasonable prices. There are also a number of night markets that operate on a regular basis (check out Boat Avenue on Friday night  – possibly our favourite ‘small’ market in Phuket) and many small shops around the busier areas where you can get some souvenirs. Bang Tao Beach is one of the best places in Phuket where you can something really special and unique to carry back home. Some of these shopping spots are:  Ma-Kin Market – Phuket, Canal Village at Laguna and Boat Avenue.

BangTao Beach night life

As we mentioned earlier, Bang Tao Beach has been hailed for apparently having the world’s best beach club. Plus, quite a number have also been ranked among the best in the world. So if you are a person who appreciates some night clubs, then you will appreciate the Bang Tao beach clubs.

So what makes them special you might ask…

I will start you off with their beautiful set ups, then they also have great cocktails and fine food. That said, the nightlife in Bang Tao is fairly quiet in comparison to places like Patong’s. But you will definitely find some stand-out bars away from the sand that are pocket-friendly. Some spots to check out at night are: Catch Beach Club, Peppers Sports Bar and Xana Beach Club.

Bang Tao Restaurants

bang tao restaurants as seen from a longboat on the water at dusk

When it comes to the food at BhangTao beach, you are in for a major treat. This place prides itself forr having some of the best quality restaurants in Phuket with most of them associated with to five-star hotels.  That said, there are also lots of independent eating spots. Seeing as there are lots of restaurants, the competition is very high. So every restaurant goes out of their way to offer food that is of high standards, great setting, quality service and value for money. Here are some of the 3 restaurants we have picked out for you that you must visit: Palm Seaside which has a fantastic view, Bampot Kitchen & Bar – Phuket famous for its exceptional food and Black Cat which offers great local flavors.

Our choice of hotels

Bang Tao hosts many of the Phuket’s leading five-star hotels and a number of these can be found within the Laguna complex. You will find luxurious villas and expansive resorts. Here if your money allows, then luxury was born here. That said, there are also budget friendly hotels to stay in which are usually further from the Bang Tao Beach. The Laguna properties is one example and it has great facilities, lots of activities to engage in, great restaurants and swimming pools. We’ve picked out the three that we personally recommend: Outrigger Laguna Beach Resort, Sunwing Resort & Spa and Bangtao Beach Chalet in Choeng Thale.

Is it close to any tourist islands

While the beach has a lot to offer, it is not that close to many of the main hotspots – namely Phi Phi, Krabi and Phang Nga Bay. If you are looking to incorporate one of these places into your itinerary then you’ll need to book a boat tour. Simba Sea Trips offers boat tours to all the aforementioned places and our tours are provided to those looking to avoid the crowds in comfort and luxury. Book your Simba Sea Trips boat tour today!

Hope this guide will help you select the best spots that Bang Tao Beach has to offer. Enjoy your stay.