Patong Beach will expose you to another side of Phuket

Updated 2022: Patong Beach area is one of the most diverse places you can visit on your Phuket holiday. Historically, visiting Patong has been the main attraction for thousands of tourists to the region every year and the anticipation is that now with tourism returning to pre-covid levels it will return to its former level of popularity. 

If discovering the beauty of Thailand is not enough, you will come to realize that there is so much more to Phuket other than natural beauty and beautiful historic temples. The area of Patong Beach is powerful evidence of an elevated tourist experience, that merges the well-known Thailand magic with contemporary high rises, familiar cultural spots such as a shopping mall, awesome nightspots that have created the well-known Patong nightlife, iconic night locations such as the Simon Cabaret, plenty of holiday inn, not to mention the breathtaking hotels in Patong beach.

There is something for everyone that wants to find entertainment and fun, alongside the serenity that comes with the idea of Thailand. Patong Beach is one of the most beautiful beaches in the area of Phuket, and it is super close to the rest of the stuff the area of Patong is famous for. The Andaman sea drenches the coast and the white sand of the area of Patong. The beach road is a great location for a revitalizing walk and the perfect spot to take countless pictures for your social media, and brag about the fact that you are at one of the most spectacular locations in the world.

Andaman Beach meets Patong, Phuket

Andaman beach

Patong Beach Thailand is the perfect spot to catch a breath from all your travels and adventures. The coast of the beach is an amazing place to just lay there and take in the beautiful sunshine. Listen to the waves of the beach and take a dive or two. As expected there are places where you can get a drink to cool off during the warm days of summer. The tropical ambiance of the beach transports you to a different mental stage, where everything seems less serious and helps you clear your mind. This is an opportunity to discover how the beauty of Thailand and the excitement of Phuket can combine and create an experience that you will hardly forget. The Patong Beach is a must visit for everyone that is in the area. If you have enough time during your visit make sure you stay there for the whole day because there is more to Patong than just the Beach.

What to do at Patong Beach Thailand

  1. Find the best location on the beach

    Usually, the middle part of the beach is where it is most crowded, but that does not mean that it is the best part of the beach. Just grab your towel and walk along the stretch of the beach at a more secluded location with fewer people. This will help you appreciate the beach and your visit there a bit more.
  2. Grab a drink and a snack

    Useful Tip: Before you visit the beach itself, grab your drinks and snacks beforehand at one of the kiosks around the beach front. Especially if you are planning to spend hours on the beach, get lots of water, some amazing local snacks and sunscreen. Once you lie on the beach, then it’s game over. You will probably want to spend the rest of the daytime there.
  3. Enjoy!

    The cool waters and the white sand of the beach are amazing. There is no question to that. Lie on the sand, take in the beauty and take a dive in the cool waters of the Andaman Sea to cool off during the hot day.

The Bangla road to fun!

Soi Bangla Patong Phuket

Another amazing locale of the Patong area, which is also close to the mesmerizing Patong beach is the Bangla road. Now, this is where things get fun. This is a place that transforms from day to night but remains fun both times of the day. Here is where you will find the best bars and clubs in the area. It’s the place to be during the night if you are in the area, and make sure you visit the Soi Bangla in Bangla street, for an unforgettable night with drinks and friends.

What to do in Soi Bangla, Patong Phuket

  1. Visit the Bangla Street once the sun sets

    The best time to visit this amazing street is after the sun sets since that is the time that everything lights up and the party is getting started
  2. Why choose between food and drinks?

    Once you find yourself in Bangla Street you will realize that there is a good mix of bars restaurants and clubs. That means that the choice between food and drink won’t be a hard one since everything is available at the same street.
  3. Get your party on

    Once you grab a snack or two, then get on with the party! This is the spot you will look for fun at. There is a plethora of bars and clubs available for you to spend an awesome night at. Some of the highlights are the huge clubs such as the Soi Gonzo, Seduction Night Club, White Room Night Club, and the amazing Illuzion Club.

Experience Phuket, Thailand in a whole new way!

Patong Beach Phuket Thailand

When people think of Thailand and Phuket, they usually don’t think of nightlife. They think of idyllic landscapes, crystal waters, and amazing rock formations and jungles. But there are more secrets to be discovered. Phuket and more specifically Patong Beach area offer experiences that you may not have expected from a visit to Thailand. Here you will have the chance to experience nightlife that you might have expected from places such as Ibiza, but in a setting that is far more interesting and exotic. In Patong Phuket, you will have the chance to try unique drinks, including drinks with local ingredients, dance to fun music, meet people that enjoy partying, and most importantly have unforgettable nights out with the people you love, or alone (maybe find a date there as well).

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