There are islands a plenty in the Gulf of Thailand. Which are the best and which are those that can be de-prioritized if limited by time and money? Read on as we discuss those that are of most benefit for your next Thailand tour. 

The Sensational Gulf of Thailand Islands

One thing we know for sure is that Thailand doesn’t lack gorgeous islands. Since there are many islands in Thailand, how do you choose the best islands in Gulf of Thailand for your next vacation… an island that will suit your needs? Well, here are some of the stunning islands that you can comfortably and confidently add to your bucket list for your next Thailand holiday…

Koh Samui

a birsdeye view of the koh samui islands

If there is an island that has stepped up and matured, its Koh Samui. Before, it used to famous with ravers and backpackers because it was a party hub, hosting full-moon parties and had a lot of cheap huts for accommodation. These days, Koh Samui boasts itself of having some of the best luxury beach resorts and with first-class spas the world over. Just like most of the islands of Thailand, this island also boasts of its crystal-clear water, fresh green forests, ever increasing marine life and its beautiful coral reefs. Besides all that luxury and beauty, this island makes it to this list of Gulf of Thailand Islands to visit because it is second largest island well versed with lots of activities to partake in.

Koh Tao

an aerial view of the fabulous koh tao islands

First off, the beaches on Koh Tao Island are breath-taking and are perfect for swimming and lounging under the sun. That said though, one thing that gives this island its true beauty and worth the visit is what surrounds the waters. If you are not here for swimming or sandbathing, there is plenty to indulge in. 

Also known as the “Turtle Island”, this is the perfect place for explorers who want to explore what is under its crystalline waters. There are plenty of colourful marine life making this island perfect and popular with divers and snorkelers alike. The marine life you will find here include sea turtles, whale sharks, scorpionfish, clownfish, eels, coral, barracuda and grouper. With its warm-shallow waters even first-timers can enjoy the colourful marine life

This is also a place where you can just come and just pose. It’s a place you can spend a whole weekend at. So, if are the one that is looking for a party getaway, then this is the best islands in Gulf of Thailand for you. The nightlife is perfect and hosts full-moon parties. This place is very charming and when you get here, it’s the kind of island that you might not want to leave sooner. 

Koh Phangan

the idylic koh phangan island as seen at sunset from the nearby viewpoint

Now this one is fully perfect for party animals. So, if your perfect vacation involves beach parties that run from Friday through to Sunday, Koh Phangan is the Gulf Island that you need to be heading to for your next Thai vacation. It is famous for its vibrant full moon parties. It is the island that is popular with dreadlocked visitors to Thailand and hardcore party animals. Every night of the week has got some beach party action and enough cocktail bars to cater for the island drinkers. Of all the Gulf of Thailand Islands, this one is for sure Thai’s main party island. It can even host up to 20,000 wild visitors during the peak seasons, dancing away under the starry bright full mooned sky.

Now much as it’s an infamous for its full moon parties does men ‘mean that it doesn’t have natural sites to see. It does have beautiful natural spots which most people who go there solely to party miss out on. If you want a break from the beach party hotspots and cocktail bars you will find unadulterated beaches, waterfalls, green forests and some picturesque coastal rocks to fix your eyes on. So even if you are here to party, don’t miss out on the abundance beauty that Koh Phangan is. With waterfalls and secluded jungle trails, even those seeking some solitude will enjoy their peace. Now you know. 

Koh Samet

koh samet as seen from the nearby viewpoint with the small island formation in the background

IF you are looking for a place to escape away from the hustle and bustle of Bangkok town Koh Samet is one of the best islands in Gulf of Thailand to consider and its normally busy on weekends and long holidays. It has a stretch of turquoise blue sea that looks endless and is packed with curved in bays with smooth white sand and coral reefs that are in perfect condition which attracts a wide variety of aquatic life.

The waters here are perfectly clear for snorkelling and diving with lovely beaches for people who just want to swim, soak up the sun or windsurf. The nightlife is also promising with plenty of bars and restaurant. To liven up the nights are the evening fire shows. What we are saying about this island is that there is something for everyone. 

Koh Chang 

koh chang seen from the mountains nearby at sunset

Koh Chang is the third largest island in Thailand which located near the Cambodian border. Compared to the other islands that I have mentioned above, it is a more polite and modest island. This is one of the Gulf of Thailand Islands that has both beautiful beaches and rugged mountains at the centre of the island. Much as it’s also covered with thick jungles of rain forests, it has charming moonlit waterfalls that are great for postcard-worthy selfies. Let me not forget the long white sandy beaches. In case you plan to spend the night, they have a wide variety of accommodation and entertainment options to choose from. With all this in one place, it makes this a very versatile island.

So, whether you are going for the beach life, a bohemian beach bar experience, more local vibe or some romantic experience, you will find it all lumped up here.

Now that you are all caught up, choose the gulf island that will give you the experience you are looking for.