The Incredibly Popular Chalong Pier

Chalong Pier at sunrise with boats anchored along the jetty

Chalong Pier in Phuket is the island’s most frequented area where boats can anchor. It resides on the largest bay surrounding Phuket’s main island and is located approximately 10 kilometres south of Phuket Town.

Ao Chalong Pier (as it is known to locals) is the main stopping point for visitors arriving by boat from the Thai mainland and goes some way to explaining why it is so busy.

Where is the Pier located?

Chalong Pier is located on the south-eastern side of Phuket and is approximately a 15 minute drive from Karon Beach. When arriving by car be careful when approaching Chalong Circle as it can be quite busy in the early morning hours.

How old is Chalong Pier?

While the pier itself has been there for many years, the jetty as we know it today was re-modelled in 2002 to its current state. Before the new modern jetty, there was only an outdated jetty capable of accommodating two people side by side. The new jetty, and Chalong Pier surrounds, now provides ample space for the many visitors that flock to the location.

What is there to do?

Sunset from the beach between the two jetty's at Chalong Pier

Those who visit the area will thoroughly enjoy a lengthy walk along the pier. They’ll encounter spectacular sea views and will be able to soak in a very lively atmosphere. Within close proximity to the jetty are a few restaurants serving a range of local seafood and other tasty meals.

What happens in the bay?

Chalong Bay is known for the sensational underwater activities that it provides. Many diving travel operators provide trips to the bay as it is considered one of Thailand’s ultimate locations for both diving and snorkeling activities.

Due to the popularity of Chalong Bay, Simba Sea Trips can accommodate those looking to venture here as part of a private charter boat tour. This will provide guests with the freedom of movement around the Phuket waterways with the ability to stop at only the finest Phuket travel locations.

What else is close to Chalong Pier?

While many can make a whole day out of a visit to Chalong Pier in Phuket, there is a lot to do in the surrounding areas as well if looking to further fill your day. For instance, the spectacular Rawai Beach is a mere 5 kilometres down the road. Big Buddha, a huge tourist attraction, stands very close to Chalong Circle and is only a short distance from the pier. In addition, Kata Beach is also located within six kilometres of the pier. If you have a car then all of the above locations are worth a visit. However, if restricted to movement by foot then we’d suggest renting a bike and exploring the local area. There is plenty to see and you’ll get some good exercise providing the weather is nice.

Why we recommend a visit to Chalong Pier

When it comes to soaking up the Phuket tourist atmosphere in all its glory, nothing beats Chalong Pier. The sheer volume of tourists is evidence enough of the allure of the destination. It simply appeals to people of all shapes and sizes. Those looking to sample some local seafood will find a lunch at one of the local restaurants a treat. Those keen to dive and snorkel in Chalong Bay will find some glorious conditions to do so. Those keen for a packed itinerary will find incorporating Chalong Pier into a day containing a trip to Big Buddha and either Rawai or Kata beaches to be suitable. While those simply looking for a stroll along the famous pier will be pleased with the location.

There really is something for everyone along Chalong Pier. We’ll hopefully bump into you there!