Merlin Beach Phuket is one of the best snorkeling beaches on the west coast. Throughout the year the beach is pretty quiet despite its close proximity to Patong beach which is very popular. There are three other beaches near Merlin beach. Tri Trang beach, Paradise beach and Freedom beach. Of the four beaches, Merlin is the least known. The beach is hidden and cannot be seen from the road. So, most visitors usually miss the small dirt road that leads to the beach. But if you are a visitor of the Phuket Marriot Resort Merlin Beach then you will get to enjoy this beautiful strip of sand.

The Phuket Merlin Beach has crystal clear blue waters. Unfortunately, it can be a bit disappointing for swimming enthusiasts as the sea bed is rocky. However, its quite ok for snorkeling.

For those who would like to lay under a shade, the beach has no beach chairs or beach umbrellas. There are even no trees to shelter yourself from the sun rays when they get harsh. May be this is why it’s an unpopular beach.

Once you see the dirt road that is a few hundred meters long, when you follow it, it will get you to Merlin Beach Phuket. The first things you will see are massage huts.

Where to stay in Merlin beach

The only place that you can stay while here is the superb resort mentioned above, Phuket Marriot Resort Merlin Beach. It is a five-star hotel which is just a few kilometres from Patong. It’s still pretty quiet despite that. It is surrounded by hills and beaches and has lots of outlets, restaurants and plenty of activities one can engage in while staying there, with snorkeling being one of the most preferred activities.

The resort has been revamped and has numerous pools. The resort has 400 rooms. Most of the facilities here are very new. Plus they have a very good and friendly team of that is very hospitable and attend to you as soon as you step into the hotel.

This resort on Phuket Merlin Beach occupies a big piece of the beachfront. So, it is not a crowded resort. There are a lot of palm trees all over the place surrounding the swimming pools which give the resort a great topical background and makes it great for taking selfies. Trust me, the photos you take here will be postcard material. Plus, the garden between the hotel and the beach is a fantastic place to spend the day and do things such as yoga or Muay Thai training.

Where to eat

There is a hill at the southern end of Merlin Beach Phuket where you will see a flight of stairs. There is a small restaurant here called The Little Tiger restaurant which overlooks Merlin beach. It is a modest and quiet restaurant. Much as it is quite discreet, these days it has become pretty popular with guests who visit the hotels. Here they serve Thai cuisine at relatively affordable prices compared to the restaurant at Phuket Marriot Resort Merlin Beach and it’s a perfect spot for enjoying that sunset as you have your drinks.

Most people usually appreciate this place because it’s a great place to take those selfies while grabbing that sunset drink as you enjoy that beautiful sunset sea view.

The beautiful hills with great vegetation surrounding the hotel and the clear turquoise waters give Phuket Merlin Beach a picturesque touch. So, if you feel like the prices at the hotel are too high, at least you have the option of this little restaurant.

It is a great complimentary visit if you have participated in a snorkeling tour and feel like expanding on your experiences. We hope you have a great time here and take lots of photos.