This lovely little place is also known as Koh Naka Noi or Pearl Island. The Naka Noi Island in Phuket is a small islet off the north east of Phuket known for its popularity in pearl farming. A trip to the islet inevitably involves a visit to the Pearl Farm – a great way to discover how the shiny pearls (that you wear) are made and extracted. The islet is only 800 meters long and only 200 meters wide and you can reach this tiny island within 20 minutes by boat from Phuket town.

A Naka Noi Island tour is an amazing chance to experience some hours in the tranquility of a private island nearby Phuket town. On the northwest side, there is a lovely beach that comes with its own entertainment. This is wonderful retreat where you can find really satisfying snorkeling; enjoy a sun chair in the shadow of lovely beach trees, or hire a canoe to paddle around the island and have fun with your family or partner. There are pearl shops and seafood restaurants to serve visitors. You can also swim in the clear waters; however, accommodation is not available.

The coasts are generally rocky, but the west and northwest coasts have a marvelous white sand beach. It is a beautiful, pristine, unspoiled stretch of sand with overhanging coconut palms.

How to get to Koh Naka Noi there

To visit the Naka Noi Phuket island, experience it on the way back as part of a Phang Nga Bay tour. You can also hire a boat from Ao Po Pier and explore the entire area properly and at your own pace. Long tail boats are a lot cheaper than speedboats. However, they are slower and not as comfortable. On the plus side they provide a more traditional Thai sea-going experience. So at least you have options to choose from.

The Naka Noi island doesn’t have any accommodation or proper places to have yourself a meal but you can have a picnic in tow with your snorkel gear. It is an ideal place to go and relax for a few hours on the lovely beach. A day trip to the Naka Noi Island in Phuket pearl farm includes a demonstration of how the pearls are farmed and extracted from the oyster. If you want to get some great seafood to eat, you can make a stop at Naka Yai Island, which is just but a short trip by long tail boat.

At Naka Noi Island in Phuket what can you get around you that is not available there?

Considering there is no accommodation, in the nearby Island, the Naka Yai island is the Naka Island Luxury Collection Resort & Spa located within the same Andaman Sea. If you need accommodation in luxury after exploring the Naka Noi Phuket Island this is the place to go. It is nestled in a tropical landscape as well. The resort is just 10 minutes away by speedboat from Ao Por Grand Marina. It offers luxurious villas equipped with a private pool, a private beach, a gym and a world-class spa center. As a visitor you can enjoy a free round-trip boat transfer. This is a fabulous place to rest your heels after Naka Noi Phuket. Their grill offers the freshest seafood and juiciest steaks with a local Thai twist; not forgetting other scrumptious dishes of Thai and international cuisines. It is extensive list of cocktails can be enjoyed at Z Bar.

You have to visit Naka Noi Phuket and experience the lush coconut groves, with the never-ending views of the emerald-green Andaman sea and fabulous landscapes of the Phuket coastline. It is just a speedboat away. It is a uniquely private and intimate retreat.