Top 7 Phuket sunset view points

Update 2022!

If you have the good fortune of traveling to Phuket on a holiday, then the chances are that you’ll be looking to take advantage of the glorious sunset view point opportunities that the region provides. This is precisely why we have created a list of the best Phuket locations to experience an idyllic sunset. The glorious backdrops that Phuket has to offer, combined with the tremendous weather (for the majority of the year) provides visitors with the opportunity to soak in sunset views that have to be seen to be believed. From dining at restaurants situated on the ocean in full view of the sunset to boat tours that provide an equally intimate experience, Phuket is rife with places to take in the evening spectacular.

Here is our list of the 7 best places to witness the sunset in all it’s glory.

1. On a boat in Phang Nga Bay

phang nga bay on a boat tour

Without question, in our (slightly biased) opinion, the best place to witness the natural beauty of a Phuket sunset is as a part of a boat tour of the spectacular Phang Nga Bay region. With Simba Sea Trips you’ll experience a complete afternoon in Phang Nga Bay including stops in Koh Phanak, Koh Panyee, Koh Phing Kan and James Bond Island before journeying back to Phuket island with the glorious sunset as a backdrop.

This slow journey home affords you the opportunity to soak in the sunset with a completely unobstructed view and follows a satisfying day of activities and memorable scenery. The perfect way to relax and cap off one of the most memorable experiences imaginable. So book your Phang Nga Bay Social Club Cruise today!

2. Promthep Cape

the view provided from the top of the promthep cape at sunset

No list of most popular sunset view points could be considered credible without listing the Promthep Cape in the first 3 positions. Considered one of the most popular sunset viewpoints in phuket, Cape Promthep offers a view over Rawai Beach in addition to spectacular snapshots of the beautiful hills located to the South of the cape.

While the location can get crowded at summertime, the width of the viewpoint path means that there is always plenty of space to get an unobstructed view of nature in all its magnificent glory. The region also provides the opportunity to observe a number of other interesting landmarks including the popular lighthouse.

Having soaked in the sunset, you may be feeling a bit peakish so make sure to take advantage of the array of stalls lined up along the carpark including those selling native snacks as well as summery tourist merchandise including sarongs and beachwear.

3. On a Boat in the Phi Phi Islands

phi phi sunset from the water

As Phuket is consider the ‘pearl of the Andaman Sea’ it only makes sense to embrace the glorious sunsets that it has to offer. One of the best ways to do this is having spent the day seeing another jewel of the Andaman Sea – Phi Phi Islands.

The Phi Phi Islands is unquestionably one of the most popular tourist destinations in Thailand and is frequented daily by hundreds of tourists. While most go early and arrive back happy on the mainland before sunset, they don’t realize they have missed a fantastic opportunity. There is not much that beats a speed boat carving its way through calm waters as the sun disappears over the horizon illuminating the sky in a sea of orange. If you would like guidance as to which speed boat is best for you check out our guide here.

Thankfully, guests of Simba Sea Trips are afforded this very opportunity on a Phi Phi Island Sunrise Tour. This day long tour takes in all the essential stops in the region before climaxing with a sunset boat trip back to shore with a glorious backdrop that needs to be seen to be believed.

4. Big Buddha

big buddha with a sun setting in the background

When it comes to places to see the sunset in Phuket, Big Buddha is definitely a must visit. It is widely considered one of the most holiest and popular temples in Phuket and affords visitors a memorable, spiritual experience. Big Buddha rests upon the Nakkerd Hills and stands at an epic 45 metres in height. Constructed out of Burmese marble, the massive temple is considered a symbol of hope which is why it’s often frequented by locals in addition to the many tourists venturing to catch a glimpse.

However, what makes the Big Buddha experience even more memorable is catching a glimpse of the sunset as it settles across the ocean behind the statue. This, combined with the serene environment when atop Nakkerd Hills is an experience that should appeal to the majority of visitors to the region and we highly encourage stopping by!

5. Monkey Hill

One of the more light-hearted activities during a trip to Phuket, Monkey Hill is also one of the most attractive settings to watch the sunset. As you can tell by the name, the highest hill in Phuket is jam-packed with adorable and mischievous monkeys. These adorable little creatures are found all the way up the hill and can be observed on the long trek up from the bottom of from the backseat of a taxi, or a scooter. But we warned: they are keen to steal anything you have on your possession – from bananas to wallets.

While the trek up the hill is bound to be filled with hilarity and laughter, undoubtedly one of the greatest benefits of Monkey Hill, given its height, is the sunset view it provides to those who make it up the top at dusk. The wide-ranging view provides the perfect backdrop after a long hike and while sipping on a water (or beer). Definitely one experience you should add to your itinerary.

6. Radar Hill Viewpoint

Phuket has a large number of view points but none is higher than the radar hill viewpoint. This stunning site for a sunset view provides a staggering perspective of Patong. The viewpoint provides a perfect picture of the glorious sky and offers views of the wide lands and seas that surround the region.

Getting to the viewpoint at sunset is easily the greatest experience for tourists and traveling to the location in the late afternoon provides plenty of entertainment with glorious views of the Bang Wad reservoir and the idyllic Chalong Bay.

7. Panwa Viewpoint

As far as 360 viewpoints in Phuket go, one of the best is without question the Panwa Viewpoint. The tower consists of two -levels and the location provides written information in both Thai and English making it easier for tourists to know exactly what it is that they are casting their eyes upon. The view afforded to visitors is one of the Eastern and Southern regions of Phuket.

In terms of crowds, you are much less likely to be elbow to elbow with other tourists as this is less frequented when compared to other viewpoints in phuket like Promthep Cape and Big Buddha. So for those looking for a sunset view that is a bit more comfortable and serene, Panwa maybe the perfect place for you!

So there you have it, our choice of the best sunset viewpoints throughout the Phuket region. Definitely consider checking one, two or all of them out depending on the length of your stay, We guarantee each and every vantage point will provide a scenery to saviour!