If you are one who prefers a calming environment at Krabi, then Thung Teao Forest Natural Park is one of the chapters that you need to consider adding to your book of life’s travels and adventures. This is a popular natural attraction, a luxury picturesque wonder, that has been drawing tourists from all over the place. This place is all about taking care of the desires of people who love nature. So, if you are looking to take a short break from the beaches and islands when visiting Krabi, then this is your best bet.

The highlights of Thung Teao

Perfect eco-tourism spot

What makes this park be a tourist destination that is unlike the rest is its simplicity and innate beauty. The moment you set foot in to this natural park, you will be greeted by a spectacular combination of colours.

There are very long trees that if you look up to the sky, they seem to cut off this park from the rest of the world. What visitors have is an enclosed sphere of emerald and crystal blue colours to devour. First time visitors and repeat ones alike feel like they have been transported into a different realm.

One other thing that makes Thung Teao Forest Natural Park is how visitors can hop from one limestone cliff to the next. These white limestone cliffs contrast perfectly with the green groves of the dense forest.

One thing you have to admire at this place us the way different animals and plants intermingle and blend into this natural park. While here, one popular site that is a must visit and a site to devour is Thung Teao’s crystal lagoon. It got its name because of the crystal effects that the waters produce. It is a fantastic swimming spot and this beautiful ecological spot is the heart of the park.

Emerald Pool Krabi

The crystal clear blue waters of the emerald pool in Krabi as seen from the foreshore

Also known as (Sa Morakot), the Emerald Pool in Krabi is also a unique attraction in the Thung Teao Forest Natural Park. It is located in the Khao Pra-Bang Kram area. With a 2.7-kilometre nature trail and a crystal pond this place is home to some exotic animals and plant species such as the Pitta Gurney bird which for a while people believed that it was extinct.

There is a limestone foothill that opens up to a stunning emerald pool with warm and crystal-clear emerald waters which are superb for swimming. Much as the Emerald Crystal Pool is the highlight of this park there is also a waterfall to explore.

This pool is an amazing ecotourist spot which surrounded by the tropical forest with an amazing blend of aquamarine colours. It’s perfect for birdwatching.

Krabi Hot Springs – the perfect Emerald Day Spa

The hot springs here flow from an underground volcanic chamber which cascade creating a waterfall that flows down into the stream and some natural ‘bathtubs’ in the rock. The waters are about 35-42 degrees Celsius which are perfect temperatures for relaxing.

The mineral salts in the hot springs are believed to have therapeutic properties. These jacuzzi like baths topped with the thermal spring waters are just perfect. When the crowd clears, that is the best time to relax in this emerald day spa… This hydrotherapy birth is pure bliss I assure you.

Parting shot: Treat the park with care

Since Thung Teao Forest Natural Park is one of the few tropical virgin rain forests that are still intact in south of Thailand, one of the things that the people who take care of the park ask of the visitors is treat this place with respect. The main aim of this is to assist in conserving the beauty of the park.

So, while you are here, do not throw your trash everywhere or try plucking the plants or shoot the animals and birds in their natural habitat. This is a NO HUNTING zone. Let the only kind of shooting you will be doing be one done with your camera. Otherwise, have a blast feasting your eyes onto this natural gem.