Are you planning on traveling to Thailand and the question on your mind is: How big is Phi Phi Island? Now, if you have never been, I will have you know that this is a remarkable piece that has rightfully garnered the label – the Asian paradise. All this hailing of this perfect place is because of the clear turquoise waters, the fine white sandy tropical beaches as well as the fantastic picture-perfect landscape with stunning rock formations. Its beauty is probably the reason why Danny Boyle couldn’t resist having his movie The Beach (which featured Leonardo DiCaprio) shot here.

Phi Phi Island is blessed with great archaeological hidden treasures. Apparently it is one of the oldest places in Thailand that dates back to the prehistoric era.

How many Phi Phi Islands are there?

phi phi island cartoon map with illustrations of notable landmarks

So really, how big is Phi Phi Island?

If you never knew, Phi Phi island is a small archipelago which is a conglomerate of 6 other smaller islands. Popularly known as Koh Phi Phi in Thailand, these small islands that make up the larger Phi Phi island are stunningly beautiful. For years they have been ranked as the best attraction in southern Thailand. This gem can be found 43km west of the Krabi coast.

The 6 islands include Koh Phi Phi Don, Koh Phi Phi Leh, Koh Bida Nok, Koh Bida Nai, Koh Phai (also known as Bamboo Island), and Koh Young (also known as Mosquito Island). All these islands are part of Hat Nopparat Thara-Ko Phi Phi National Park. The park alone is 38,790 hectares where you will find corals and marine life. At Phi Phi, you will also find caves, limestone mountains with cliffs as well as stunning long white sandy beaches.

How big is Phi Phi Island and its smaller islands? The biggest Phi Phi Island is the Koh Phi Phi Don at 9.73 square kilometres (8 km length and 3.5 km width). It is the only island here that is inhabited. It is followed by the Koh Phi Phi Leh 2 kilometres. Much as Phi Phi Don is the largest it’s the beaches of Phi Phi Leh that are visited by many people. The whole island of Phi Phi sits on a 12.25 square kilometres area.

The other smaller islands are just but large limestone rocks jutting out of the sea.

Koh Phi Phi Don, the biggest Phi Phi Island, features 3 main areas. There is the busy main village which is located between the Tonsai and Dalum bay. This buzzing village is packed with hotels, shops, bars, and restaurants. The second feature is the tranquil and tropical Laem Thong beach which houses just but a few resorts. The third feature is the southern coast which has some accommodation spots in between the jungle and the sea to choose from.

While you are here, there are no cars or bikes. So, in order to get by or move around Koh Phi Phi, you will have to do so by foot. So, make sure that you bring comfortable shoes since you will be on your feet all day.

This island usually feels like a small intimate place south of Thailand. Well don’t let the size fool you. You can easily get lost and find yourself on the wrong side of the bay. So, while walking around always keep tabs of the routes that you used.

One thing for sure is that Phi Phi islands will give you that drastic change of scenery as well as a bounty full of exhilarating activities to engage in that are bound to meet your expectations, regardless of your personality or interests. There is something for everyone – for the beach-goer, the party animal, the adventure-seeker as well as the explorers.

Now once you discover how to get to Phi Phi, start enjoying some of the best island activities available in this wondrous region!