Best Beach Resorts in Phuket

Most travelers who arrive on their Thai holiday dream of staying in one of the best Beach Resorts in Phuket. With the beaches this amazing, one can only imagine what the resorts have to offer. Today, there are thousands of hotels. The most affordable ones are the ones located far from the beaches. But if money is not an issue, then you should check out those right on the ocean. With that said, we must mention that they are limited and in high demand.

If you are willing to spend a lot of money on accommodation, then you need to get good value for your money as well as what you expect. So, when looking at some of the popular Phuket Resorts in order to choose wisely, you might want to take a few things into consideration.

Things to consider when looking for Best Phuket Resort

a man with white hat lies in a sunbed overlooking the andaman sea

If you want to get the Best Beach Resorts in Phuket, then we have prepared this article for you. A lot of research went into coming up with this list and based on the quality of the beach, the quality of the hotel itself based on features and the quality of service offered.

The thing is, even with beach resorts people usually have varying tastes. Different designs appeal to different people. So, in the list that we have provided, we will try to be as vast as possible in order to cater for the various tastes of different visitors.

Below is what you need to consider:

  • What is the status of the beach in terms of its beauty? Is it a rocky beach or a sandy one? Is the beach a private beach or public?
  • What is the state of hotel in terms of the quality of services, amenities, age, design and the outlet?
  • Does the hotel rank as one of the popular Phuket resorts on social media platforms and major tour guide websites such as the Trip Advisor?
  • Are there other interesting sports surrounding the hotel?
  • How pricey is it in comparison to what the hotel has to offer?
  • Are you looking for a hotel that is a remote romantic getaway on an unseen beach or a small boutique hotel?

That said, let us run you through some of Phuket’s finest resorts…

Marina Phuket Resort

The Marina Phuket resort is one of these beach fronts that offer a rainforest retreat in a busy beach area. It is an almost invisible enigmatic resort overlooking the Karon Beach. What makes it one of the best Beach Resorts in Phuket is the fact that it’s on Karon Beach, which has the most beautiful sandy stretch. It’s also a bit busy.

If you are one that likes the urban life, then this one may not be your cup of tea. It is a complete forest with scattered rooms.

In the middle of this is a jungle covered swimming pool … exotic palm trees, green walls and a waterfall. This place is a tropical paradise to behold.

Most of the pavements connecting the rooms are raised footpaths that literally channel through the lush vegetation. Besides being one of the best beach resorts, the Marina also has the best restaurants… the only ones in Karon with a view of the sea. The restaurant, The Rock mainly serves seafood and Thai cuisine, as diners enjoy the view of the sea. Isn’t that just romantic?

It’s the perfect romantic resort in Phuket because of its natural, intimate atmosphere.

The Surin

The Surin is on the list of one of the best Phuket beach resorts because it is hidden in Phuket’s gorgeous beaches. According to history and geography, this is an extraordinarily lucky resort. So, when you visit here, you should feel very privileged because you will be walking on the most untamed beaches of Phuket.

Built in 1980, this beach hotel used to go by the name the Pansea Resort. It was the first of its kind with international standard accommodations on Phuket island. This is the reason why the developers got to build it around the best beaches on the island.

What makes it hidden is the luck of Geography in the form of a small headland which cuts the area of the beach it was built on from the main Surin Beach. So even with crowds coming to Surin, unless you know it, it’s impossible to suspect that just beyond the small but heavily forested headland lies one of the most pristine beaches in all of Phuket. The beach is to die for with soft sand and calm, warm clear water. For those that love to swim in peace, this is the spot for you.

The Nai Harn

The Nai Harn Phuket is one of the beaches that is in a great location south of the island. It has a classic, timeless design and it has not always been one of the best Beach Resorts in Phuket but also one of the most iconic ones. When it opened in the 80s as the Mandarin hotel, it was infamous for being one of the most exclusive beachfront hotels in Phuket. All the rooms offer great views of the sea.

Built among thousands of coconut trees this prestigious hotel lies on the hillside of Nai Harn Beach making it a hotel that is overlooking the most beautiful scenery in Phuket – the unique view of the vast crescent of white sand and turquoise water. It got its fame for being the leading, most luxurious beach resorts in Phuket.

There are no constructions interfering with the natural beauty surrounding this coconut-covered island. It a romantic Best Phuket Resort because just having breakfast in the terrace that has such a fantastic view, watching the sun rise or watching the sunset approach in the evening can take one’s breath way.

The best feature of this resort is the rooftop where guests can get a unique panorama of the Nai Harn bay, yachts anchored in front of the islands and the Promthep Cape. The hotel is perfect for visitors who want the perfect mix of the beach and no hectic city life around. It has the perfectly unique romantic setting. That said though, it is quite a pricey beach resort.

Andaman White Beach Resort

The Andaman White Beach Resort is such a beautiful and romantic beach resort. See, in Phuket, there are very few elite beachfront resorts that can boast of having their own beach. But even all those that can can’t dare claim to have a stunning beach like the one that Andaman White Beach Resort enjoys.

This beautiful Phuket Beach Resort used to go by the name the Nai Thon Noi Beach. It is a secluded hotel near the airport with a unique private beach. The resort has 50 rooms. And because of the beach, they have made sure that all the rooms enjoy the view of the beautiful sea with 17 of them opening right into the sand. You can also get the view of the sea from the restaurant, bars, as well as the main swilling pool.  This is what makes it be on our list of the Best Beach Resorts in Phuket. So, you can always take fantastic Instagram pictures.

There is a road that runs nearby. The irony is that most cars pass by unaware of the presence of this beautiful tropical paradise. This is because the back of the resort blocks the view as well as the access to the hotel.

There are shaded sunbeds on the beach for guests to relax in and enjoy the rich turquoise ocean and the hill full of the tropical forest. Since the hotel is a bit small, this beach is never crowded. The sand is very soft and fine with waters very clear. It is very ideal for swimming during the high season months. So, if you are in the mood for some romantic atmosphere on a quiet beach, then you can spark some passion on this beach resort.

Cloud 19

Cloud 19 is a small and very intimate boutique beach resort on the bay. Like the name suggests, this place only has 19 rooms all looking into the quiet beach at the south east corner of Phuket island. It is petite, very homely and gives off the privacy feel. This place is perfect for couples who are looking to get away in a peaceful gateway away from all other crowded beach resorts.

The hotel is located in one of the areas in Thailand that is more Thai. So here you will find yourself passing through old villages. In order to get to other attractions around Cloud 19, you will need to rent a vehicle or motorcycle. There are other beach restaurants, a great mountain viewpoint as well as other small beaches nearby, like Ao Yon.

But for couples looking for some quiet time, just hanging out together in this tranquil and relaxed atmosphere works just fine and watch the spectacular sunsets over the ocean and mountains. The sun drops are usually very beautiful.

So, if you are looking for some tranquility or just want to get away from it all the crowded beaches, then this should be one of the Best Beach Resorts in Phuket for you to consider.