The Spectacular Promthep Cape

Updated 2023 – Is the Cape still accessible?

Yes! and due to the unfortunate Covid period, the Cape is currently experienced regrowth to a degree it has not experienced for decades.

Promthep Cape is one of the most irresistible spots if you are looking for a unique vacation spot and the best sunsets in Thailand. It is also known as ‘God’s Cape’ or ‘Laem Promthep’. Located near Nai Harn Beach on your way to Rawai, this cape is at the most Southern part of Phuket. This rocky piece of land empties into the Andaman Sea. Because of that iconic status, this makes it one of the most popular spots in Phuket.

Hundreds of tourists flock to this place, facing west with their cameras, ready to enjoy the sunsets. On a normal day, all you will see is colorful buses ferrying tourists, who are yearning for those perfect sunset views. The place is usually abuzz with flashing lights from the cameras. It’s weird how people have never gotten over this place.

Why Promthep Cape has the best sunsets in Thailand

First off, as I mentioned earlier, because of its elevated location and just a few islands near it is the best spot to admire the sunset. . The location and southern facing views, offers tourists a picturesque view of the Andaman Sea. That said, what really makes it more entertaining thought is watching the massive crowds eagerly waiting to get ready for the photo moments at six o’clock. The sunsets are magazine and Instagram ready.

If you gather enough courage, you can walk all the way down to the lower end of the cape. Much as it’s easy to go all the way down, it’s the coming back up that gets a bit challenging because of dirt path inclines and gradients.

What to do at Promthep

The main thing that brings people here all year round is to capture some of the finest pictures of sunsets. You will find both artists and nature lovers. They all come here to get engrossed and enjoy being at the most southern part of Phuket – the Pearl of the Andaman Sea. It is infamous for being best spot in the whole of Thailand for spectacular sunsets.

The sunset viewing platform

From Promthep cape viewpoint you will be able to see islands such as Koh Racha Yai, Noi Islands and Phi Phi Islands from a distance. While spotting the Phi Phi Islands from one of the best viewpoints in Phuket is spectacular, it is even moreso when travelling as part of a boat tour. Simba Sea Trips offer early departures to the region as part of their Phi Phi Sunrise tour and it’s highly recommended you give it a try! The main attractions here are the lighthouse and the Buddhist shrine. If you want better views, then it’s better to climb up the lighthouse. Usually, the Andaman Sea is calm so tour boats and fishing boats are a common scene. This is also because of the number of Islands around Phuket.

Promthep Lighthouse

the promthep lighthouse at sunset seen from a higher vantage point

The lighthouse that is about 200ft above sea level. Here you will have excellent all round views. There are usually less people at the bottom since more people usually rush to the top as expected as they sit there awaiting the sunset.

The lighthouse is a historical part of the Cape. As the story goes, it used to guide mariners sailing to Phuket from Malay. Here you will find a small nautical museum with full air conditioning and some historical artefacts for display.

At the top, there is a balcony that offers better views of surrounding islands.

Promthep Shrine

The shrine is more interesting here. It sits upon the top of the Cape. It is a Buddhists Altar surrounded by hundreds of brass elephant statues and carvings and this makes it more colorful. It also has a traditional feel to it.

You can stop here and say a little prayer. They say the bigger Elephants symbolize more wealth, and the smaller ones symbolize prosperity and wishes. The shrine is another focal point where tourists gather to take selfies and group pictures. Once in a while, you will find monks here.


At the opposite of the car park, Promthep Cape Phuket has some nice tourist shops set out in a row. There is also a mini mart, souvenir shops, and beach kind of shops. These shops sell a wide range of stuff you can use at the beach as well as clothing. Souvenir shops sell T-shirts, Promthep branded hats, wallets and much more…

There are also local street vendors lined up on the stretch that leads up to the carpark. They sell a wide range of street foods such as finger food, and drinks like fruit shakes, coconuts and Ice cream.

There are shops that offer day expeditions to the nearby locations like Rawai beach, Banana Beach, Banana Island, Koh Racha Yai and Koh Racha Noi, and the Koh Phi Phi Islands. It’s better to schedule these trips online before you get to the cape.

The thing is, you will enjoy shopping and exploring stuff sold at these shops as you test your negotiating skills.

Where to eat

Promthep Cape Restaurant

This is a fantastic restaurant located right next to the Cape. It offers fabulous views of the sea and the Nai Harn and Ya Nui beach. This is the perfect way to end the day under the evening stars after enjoying the sunsets. The scenic view is spectacular and romantic.

You can enjoy the tantalizing Thai food and super fresh sea food. You can wash this down with their wide range of beverages like beer, tropical cocktails, fruit shakes and tropical fruit juices.

There is enough seating for 200 people. During high seasons, it can be hard to get a place to seat during high season.

How to get to Promthep Cape Phuket

Promthep is easily accessible. To get there you can either access it from the west coast of Kata Beach, coming across the hills, coming down from the Soi 7 area of Rawai, or from Phuket town, from the east side of Rawai. No matter which route you use, Rawai Beach will be on the Eastern side and Nah Harn on the West. You will find the cape on a small hill at the very edge of the Island.

Best time to visit the cape

the view of the surrounding beaches and capes as seen from the viewpoint at promthep cape

Timing is key. During the day lots of people do visit the cape and the parking lot is normally filled with tour buses and cars. The peak hours are between 10 am until around 7 pm after the sunset.

After the sun has set, Promthep Cape Phuket is a magical place to be. It is astonishingly tranquil and serene. It is perfect when the stars are clear and the stars are out. A lot of star gazing happens here as people await to catch shooting stars.

During the monsoon season, you can head out and watch the large waves as they crash into the side cliff walls of the cape. These violent waves will give you a rough idea of how the cape was formed after all those years.

The parking lot gets overcrowded at times especially for vehicles getting in and leaving. If you can, the safest bet is to take a bike as you can maneuver easily.

Enjoy the best scenic views Phuket has to offer…