Swimming Thailand Destinations are abundant!

Updated 2023: With the tourists returning in droves after the covid era, the waters are in spectacular conditions and ideal for a swimming holiday. We list our favourite spots to take a dip in the Phuket region.

There are thousands of dreamy Thailand Destinations to go for a swim. Thailand has some of the most amazing waters to swim in, and most of the waters have the most amazing bright blue color. The turquoise waters of Thailand are super inviting to everyone that lays eyes them. They are enticing and welcoming, inviting you to float atop of clear waters and lay on a white sand beach for whole days! A simple day trip can turn into the best experience of your life. And these swimming Thailand destinations are usually located at awesome little places that make Thailand that more interesting.

Thailand Destinations for unforgettable swimming experiences

Top Destinations in Thailand – Phuket

Phuket is undoubtedly one of the best Thailand Destinations one can visit when on a trip. Phuket is perfectly situated, allowing you to visit plenty of places around the country. Not only that but Phuket hosts some of the most amazing white sand beach resort destinations and breathtaking beaches. It is super close to Krabi and it can offer everything! From amazing hotels to high-end dining, to simpler experiences such as scuba diving, a night bazaar, and activities.

Karon Beach – Phuket, Thailand

swimming at karon beach in thailand

This long stretch of a beach is one of the most famous ones. This section of crystal clear waters and glorious sand is not as busy as Patong Beach for example. Patong Beach is a beautiful beach, don’t get us wrong, and it’s close to amazing places you can visit, but Karon Beach is a far more quiet beach with fewer people visiting. At Karon, you can spend your day relaxing. When swimming with kids, Thailand can offer you good options, and Karon is one of them. Since there are fewer people and you are not at one of the swimming pools Thailand Karon has available then this beach is a good choice. There are not as many people and you will be able to monitor your kids on the beach more easily. Karon Town is an awesome place to visit as well! If you are looking for a place that still has some good nightlife, but not as seedy as Patong, then Karon might be the choice for you.

Kata Beach – Phuket, Thailand

a picturesque shot of kata beach taken from the foreshore

If you are not looking for a vibrant nightlife destination, then Kata may as well be the best option for you to stay. One of the perks of staying at Kata, which is a few minutes further than Karon Beach is that you will be close to the mesmerizing Kata Beach. Kata beach is a palm-tree lined beach that hosts some of the most serene waves and gentle waters in the area of Phuket. Families tend to love the kata beach since it is a quiet place to go, especially when you have swimming kids Thailand can have special places like this where parents can go, with their kids, and have a great time without the stress of too many people being around. This is one of the Thailand Destinations you can go where you will also find plenty of restaurants around the beach. At Kata, you will also find a range of restaurants, from affordable amazing street food to spectacular fine dining experiences, plenty of shopping destinations and amazing resorts. The only thing that is different is the nightlife, which is more subtle than other places like Bangla and Patong.

Railay Beach – Krabi, Thailand

Man swimming in the crystal clear waters at Railay Beach in Krabi

If you are looking for a beach that is away from all the hassle of the towns and cities, then Railay beach is perfect for you. Most of the people that visit the amazing Railay Beach say that it becomes the best place that they visit on their trip to Thailand. It’s a beautiful stretch of beach submerged in chill vibes and relaxation for everyone who visits it. It’s probably the most beautiful beach in the Krabi province and it is visited by thousands of people every year. Nevertheless, it is not a crowded beach and you can have a relaxing time on the white sand and a dive in the amazing waters. There is no road because of the limestone cliffs and you will have to get there by a boat tour, and that’s why the beach feels so secluded and even more beautiful. This memorable swimming destination is easily reached thanks to Simba Sea Trips. Book a Krabi Island tour to one of the most wonderful swimming destinations on the Island today!

The beach itself is surrounded by amazing vistas of limestone cliffs and vegetation, engulfing the beach in a spectacular pocket of earth. All these may sound outstanding, and you might be mistaken for thinking that going to this Thailand destination may end up costing a fortune, but that is not the case. Visit this must-see beach when in Phuket or Krabi Town. Railay is not only for swimming though! If you are into rock climbing, Railay Beach is an awesome destination for rock climbers in Ton Sai. Swimming in the waters of Railay Beach with all that amazing nature surrounding you will make you feel amazing!

Cheow Lan Lake – Khao Sok, Phuket, Thailand

cheow lan lake from the water level looking towards the rainforest

Close to the national park of Khao Sok, you will be able to find the Cheow Lan Lake. This amazing remote place of Phuket is picking up popularity with both locals and tourists, and it is slowly becoming one of the hottest Thailand Destinations for tourists. Cheow Lan Lake has become super popular among visitors of the country and it is located a bit further from Khao Sok National Park. The National Park is constantly visited by tourists that want to explore some of the wilderness of Phuket. The Cheow Lan Lake is a bit further from there but there is still a plethora of activities you can do there. Many people that visit the lake tend to book floating houses on the lake, a thing that is also becoming more popular. Those who stay there and visitors alike have the chance to explore the lake however they wish. One of the most common things you can do at the lake is to take a relaxing swim in the waters of the lake and enjoy the breathtaking surrounding scenery packed with beauty as far as the eye can see.

White Sand Beach Koh Chang – Koh Chang, Thailand

a birds eye view of the white sandy beach and crystal clear waters

The White Sand Beach Koh Chang is a popular beach as well! The whole island of Koh Chang is a popular destination and it is considered by many to be the Maldives of Thailand because the water is so clear and beautiful. And the most beloved beach in the area is The White Sand Beach Koh Chang. The beach is usually segmented by the North and South sections, with the North part having amazing sand and crystal clear waters. On the Southern part, there are a greater amount of luxurious decks that you can sit on and enjoy the beach. It’s relatively touristy but the waters are amazing, and the view is spectacular from everywhere on the island.

Swim with elephants

Thailand also has plenty of activities such as swimming with elephants. These adorable giants have plenty of sanctuaries and places where you can go and swim with them. This kind of activity is unforgettable for people with families since children tend to love elephants, and they get to play with them in the water. This is even fun for adults. Who doesn’t love elephants anyway!? If you have the chance you can visit one of these places and have the time of your life with probably the most adorable animals on the planet.   

One of the best Thailand Destinations for swimming with elephants is the Elephant Nature Park. This amazing Elephant Nature Park is one of the many, and it is located in Chiang Mai. Chiang Mai hosted this park since 2003 and it allows people to see and interact with the adorable elephants.

Another place where you can swim with elephants and have fun in the water is the Elephant Jungle Sanctuary, a relatively new sanctuary that started operation in 2014. This is also located in Chiang Mai, and it has rescued tens of elephants so far. People are able to interact with them, and the elephants are having fun with the people as well, spraying them with water and making jokes.

Swim with dolphins in Phuket

Take your chance to swim with the most social animals on earth at the best Thailand Destinations for people who love dolphins. Dolphins, just like elephants are beloved by people! And they now have the chance to swim with them at the Dolphin Bay Phuket. There, people are able to swim with the dolphins and watch a dolphin show. It’s an amazing experience for kids and adults alike.

Swimming at the best Thailand Destinations

If you love swimming, then Thailand is one of your safest choices since, besides what we mentioned above, it has even more places where you can go and take a swim. Each place offers its own piece of beauty, making you appreciate planet earth and what it has to offer for us. Swim in the crystal clear waters of Thailand at some of the best Thailand Destinations and fall in love with the country by living in its beauty for a little bit.

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