Bathe in the Emerald Pool Krabi

the crystal clear waters of the emerald pool

Just a glimpse of the surrounds is enough to sell the Emerald Pool Krabi visitors are so keen to flock to. This spectacular tourist attraction continues to grow in popularity year after year and it is little surprise way.

Where is the Emerald Pool

Located in the South of Krabi Province nestled within the Klong Thom district is one of nature’s great wonders. Nestled within the dense foliage this natural pond is location approximately 50 kilometres from Ao Nang.

How do I get there?

Getting to the Emerald Pool is probably best achieved by booking a tour with an excursions agency, hiring your own car or scooter. If traveling there by your own device, you’ll need to follow road 4 towards Trang and divert after approximately 30kms via road 4081 and then 4021. Once you reach, 4021 the rest of your journey is well sign-posted so you are bound to find your way.

Once you arrive in the car park there is still work to do. You need to decide on which entry to take in the baths. You can either venture in via the main road which is the quickest option and 1.4 kilometres in length.

However for those seeking a more scenic entry, taking the trail path is highly encouraged as it is a much prettier journey in.

How much is entry?

The entry cost to emerald pool is 200 Baht for each adult and 100 Baht per child. There is also a parking cost to consider. This cost is 30 Baht for a car, 20 Baht for a motorbike and 10 Baht for a scooter.

When are the opening hours?

The site is open from 8am to 5pm however, if you don’t get there before 10am you’ll likely encounter significant crowds. So plan to get there early if you want to take advantage of the spectacular site in all its glory.

Why is it so popular?

The sheer size of the pool, combined with the clarity of the water and the lush surrounds makes this an attraction for many. The temperature of the water is ambient and swimming is encouraged. One tremendously cool feature of the emerald pool is that as the air temperature surrounding the pool changes. It is definitely one of the best swimming destinations in Thailand.

What else is around

The Hot Springs

a woman bathing in the hot springs while leaning against a rock

The nearby hot springs are not only easy on the eyes but many who visit claim that it can be beneficial as a remedy for many ailments that people accrue during their day to day lives. The ailments that some claim it can help assist include rheumatism, sciatica and a range of skin conditions. Although none of this is proven!

Whether it helps aide in healing these conditions is largely beside the point though as no doubt, there is significant benefits to lazing around in hot water in the open air, if only for the relaxation benefits.

The jungle springs are filled to the top with fresh spring waters whose temperatures sit between 35 and 42 degrees Celsius and the smooth stone makes for a relaxing experience.

The Blue Lagoon

the blue lagoon with the clear blue water in the center clearly visible

A further 400 metres along the path is the Emerald Pool which is a site worth seeing. The incredible colour of the water is spectacular, and you can visibly see bubbles rising to the surface in the middle of the lagoon.

Unfortunately, you can not swim at this location as the soil surrounding the lagoon is quicksand. Therefore, the risk to the visitor of getting stuck and putting themselves in a dire situation is to high a risk for the local authorities to allow.

Commonly Asked Questions

How far is Emerald Pool from Ao Nang?

The distance between Ao Nang and the Emerald Pool is approximately 50 kilometres. Although, the distance by car, scooter or bus is slightly greater as the overall road distance is measured at 70.8km.

How far is Emerald Pool from Krabi?

Krabi Town is the likely the best accommodation option for those looking to stay close to Emerald Pool. It is located 60 kilometres away, and is considered the best place to stay prior to your journey out to the hot springs and Crystal Pool region.

Why I should I stay in Krabi?

The Krabi region is not just a great place to stay in order to be in close proximity to the Emerald Pool location. There is plenty to do in Krabi itself and many activities to be enjoyed for the whole family.

Why is the Emerald Pool Green?

The Emerald Pool gets its green tinge thanks to the growth of yellow algae and bacteria. But visitors should not worry, it is still perfectly safe to swim here and well worth a visit.

What else is fun to do in the Krabi Region

While a trip to the Emerald Pool is a wonderful experience, there is also a large array of wonderful islands and lagoons worth visiting in the Krabi area. Some of the most worthwhile are Ko Hong Island, Hong Lagoon, Railay Beach. Coconut Cape and Chicken Island.

It’s practically impossible to see all these places unless you have afforded yourself a few days. Perhaps the most achievable way to see all the key locations is on an organized boat tour and Simba Sea Trips’ Krabi Island Boat Tour stops at all the most popular locations listed above, and more. So consider booking your Simba tour on your next trip to the Phuket region.