Tonsai Beach Thailand

A view of the cliffs that overlook the crystal clear waters at Tonsai beach

Experience the fun and adventure at Tonsai Beach Thailand!

While everyone knows that Southern Thailand is guaranteed to deliver white sandy beaches, crystal clear waters, and jagged cliff faces, finding a beach location rife with activities can be a bit more difficult.

Well, don’t despair, you are in luck. Located within the Krabi Province, Tonsai Beach provides hours and hours of fun for tourists and locals alike. So if you’d like to learn more about this outstanding location then keep reading as we outline all you need to know about this great Thai location.

Why choose Tonsai Beach

Unlike the neighbouring Railay and Ao Nang beaches, Tonsai has not been over-run to the same level by tourists, meaning the beach has retained much of its allure. While you’ll be fighting tooth and nail for beach space in the hot summer months at Ao Nang and Railay, at Tonsai you’ll generally not experience the same difficulties.

But with that said, the entire Krabi region is surrounded by glorious beaches and deep turquoise waters and is well worth a visit. The best way to do so is with a seat aboard a Simba Sea Trips Krabi boat tour so book your seat today!

But for now, let’s focus our attention on the wide range of things to do while at Tonsai Beach!

Chill on the Beach

With some bars in close proximity, relaxing with an inexpensive beer in hand while you soak in the sights would have to be the most enjoyable way to spend the day.

Leaning back with a drink will afford you ample time to watch the nearby rock climbers as they navigate the limestock rock that surrounds the area. Make sure to also undertake a ‘beach chill’ while witnessing the sun disappearing over the horizon in the evenings as this is the perfect way to end the ultimate relaxing day.

Rock Climbing the Limestone Cliffs

An experienced rock climber hanging off a cliff at Tonsai beach during the sunset hours

When it comes to rock climbing adventures on your Thai holiday, it is hard to beat Tonsai Beach.

Tonsai caters to all levels of expertise, whether ultra-experienced or the complete novice. For the beginner, there are specialist shops nearby that can provide you with all the gear and guidance required to undertake this ‘must-do’ activity.

For the more advanced climber, gear can be rented from the specialist shops and more advanced routes can be pointed out. Then it is completely up to you to venture onto the cliffs and have the experience of a lifetime.

Practice some Yoga

What better way to get in touch with the serenity and quiet surrounds than with a yoga session at one of the accredited locations surrounding Tonsai.

Simply drop in to Tonsai Yoga, Flower of Life or Base Camp and for a small fee you can undertake this incredibly calming activity. There are various types of yoga available to those in attendance and different classes are run throughout the day.

If Yoga is not your thing, then might we suggest taking a Tai Chi class. These classes are a bit more active and are also available at Base Camp.

Kayak in the calm waters

If you are looking for a relaxing experience but one that allows you to burn some calories then kayaking around Tonsai is the perfect activity for you.

Visitors are able to hire a kayak for the whole day from the close-by cafes and bars for a low price.

The freedom that a kayak hire affords is what really sold us on this activity. Setting out from Tonsai Beach, you can trek across the calm waters towards Railay Beach or if fitter than most, all the way across to Chicken Island.

Pack a lunch, pack some snacks and water, and set off for a wonderful day of sun and fun. The most important factor to consider though, prior to hiring the kayak, is a quick check of the weather to make sure that mother nature is not going to throw a spanner in the works.

Test your balance on a slackline

You’ve probably seen them erected in local parks, but if you’ve never tried it, slacklining can be a wonderful experience and a good laugh.

Slacklining involves setting up a long piece of flat webbing that is anchored around two points. It draws its inspiration from tightrope walking and requires great balance to master. For the beginner try and find a set up that is low to the ground to minimize the likelihood of injury, although slacklining is considered very safe compared to the alternatives.

Join a diving tour

One of the most commonly experienced activities for the uninitiated when in Thailand is diving. The calm water conditions coupled with cheap prices and plenty of local competition makes this a must-do for those who’ve long had it listed on their bucket lists.

Tonsai is home to a number of companies who provide all the equipment necessary to cross this activity off. You’ll be transported to some of the most idyllic locations possible and swimming among the fishes is an experience hard to match.

For those not as confident in the depths of the water, snorkeling phuket offers a much more sedate time but is no less spectacular. Most local shops around Tonsai Beach will stock the necessary equipment required for a day of snorkeling.

Soothe tired muscles with a local massage

If you haven’t already, and even if you have (they are well worth repeating!), a Thai massage is an absolute must. A number of Thai massage parlours possess a lovely view of Tonsai Beach and therefore further enhance the relaxing experience. Not only will you walk away at the end of the day with a great experience but likely in a lot more comfort than with which you first walked in.

Walk along Tonsai Pier

To get a real feel for the area and the popularity of the place, we’d suggest venturing down to Tonsai Pier Phi Phi and watching the boats venture past.

The pier is often extremely busy but you’ll no doubt be witness to a range of activities taking place along the pier and within its surrounds.

How to get to Tonsai Beach

As part of the Railay Peninsula, it is only possible to reach this beach location by boat. The region is enclosed by large mountains and no public road access is available. Despite this, you likely still will need assistance reaching the locations from which boats depart.

By Air

The nearest airport to this stunning Tonsai beach location is Krabi airport. This airport caters for flights from most major destinations in Thailand and major cities in surrounding countries including Bangkok and Kuala Lumpur. Once you have arrived simply get a taxi from the airport to Ao Nang or a bus/shuttle (with tickets available for purchase from within the airport).

By Ferry or Boat

There are a wide array of ferries available from Phuket (if this is the Thai location that you are venturing to Tonsai from). Ferries operate daily and tickets can be purchased from any local travel agent.

Many tour operators also provide boat tours of the region. These tours operate from many locations but most commonly from Phuket. What you should be looking for as a private tour with a reputable company that has a flawless reputation, such as Simba Sea Trips.

Why not experience even more?

Now that you’ve discovered all you need to know about Tonsai Beach it is time to get out and experience it for yourself. Thailand is a place of immense beauty and Tonsai Beach is just one of the locations well worth visiting.

If you are looking for other prime tourist locations worth visiting then most are reachable as part of luxurious boat trips with Simba Sea Trips  including the nearby Phi Phi Islands. Visit us today and book your next Phi Phi boat tour ultimate holiday adventure today.