Beach lovers looking for beauty and tranquility will find Panwa beach the perfect retreat from the other noisy islands of Phuket. Spanning the entire west coast of Cape Panwa, the beach is located just five miles away from Phuket town. Also known as Khao Kat Beach, the beach boasts of views across Chalong Bay and Lone Island. There are condos and luxury villas which line much of the seafront, maximizing the beach’s’ beautiful ambiance. This beach is yet to be explored and is therefore a perfect destination for those looking to find peace in its natural surroundings.

Seeing as it’s not a swimming beach due to its shallow water, you can engage in a dawn jog, spend a cozy afternoon under the shade while enjoying awe-inspiring food and drinks from the nearby beach restaurants. If you think this is only thing to do during your stay, then you will find the following activities to be great relaxing and rejuvenating pass time.

Panwa House

A magnificent original Sino-Portuguese 80-year-old restored mansion on the beach offering traditional Thai cuisine that is a must try. That’s what to do in Panwa Beach Phuket. The dishes are truly sensational, served in a wonderfully unique and lux environment. Everything, right down to the electrical plugs and light switches, is retro. The sautéed crab meat with green pepper is exceptional as well as the roasted duck in red curry, grapes, cherry tomatoes and pineapple.

Baba IKI Phuket

While you visit this fantastica beach, then you need to try this Japanese cuisine restaurant. You can enjoy Japanese delights, expertly made fresh Japanese cuisine, and drink up under the good camaraderie and create memories with friends and family.

Cape Panwa Aquarium

Wondering what to do in Panwa Beach Phuket? Check out the Cape Panwa aquarium. This is always a great place to entertain you and your entourage on any day and it might even be your chance to see the small baby turtles. There is a display of small aquariums. However, this is a Phuket Marine Biological Center dedicated to rescuing dolphins, dugongs and turtles often found in distress around the island. You will want to see that!

The gigantic tanks has many local species, not limited to but including giant grouper, sea turtles, leopard sharks, moray eels etc. You even may see some Piranhas from the Amazon River. However, the star of the show is the awesome tunnel, which, even short, never ceases to fascinate.

Ship Inn Bar & Restaurant

Still wondering what to do in Panwa Beach? The beach is home to Ship Inn Bar & Restaurant known for its stunning beauty. An unspoiled paradise this simple, thatch roof wooden structure, located right next door to the Phuket Game Fishing Club is open every day until late, so whether you are looking for a refreshing drink or a great meal, or are meeting up with friends, it is the place to be. It offers Western dishes, Thai dishes, and the spicy Asian dishes. The open air dining area right at the edge of the beach is spectacular and compliments an indoor dining area for those rainy days. Ship Inn is the home of Gottcha Big Game Fishing Charters and the very capable sportfisher, Queen Marlin.

Take a boat tour to Coral Island

It’s be a shame to be located out near Panwa Beach but not take advantage of the nearby Coral Island. Surrounded by glorious coral reefs, this popular tourist attraction is one of the great destinations for snorkeling enthusiasts and is can be visited as part of Simba Sea Trip’s exciting coral delight tour.

Hope you will enjoy the beach as much as we always do…