Phuket Old Town – Things to do!

a streetview of Phuket Old Town during the night time

We all know that there are many things to do in Phuket. Phuket Old Town is one of the places that need to be on the list of things you plan to do when visiting Phuket. The experience is different from the beach scenery that you have read about over and over on the internet. The place simply tells a story of its own which most historians and people who just love to know more than what is on the surface of a place will appreciate. 

Besides learning about the history, there are lots of other activities than you can engage in while here. From upside-down museums, to the Old Phuket Town market and taste-bud tantalizing cuisines there is lots to enjoy that’s for sure. So, what is there to look forward in this place they call an old town? Let’s dive in so that you don’t miss out on anything…

Get a chance to experience the other side of Phuket!

The one great thing that Old Town Phuket offers its visitors, is the chance to visit Phuket’s infamous museum and exhibition – the Thai Hua Museum. Nothing offers visitors so much history about Phuket that this spot. There is lots of information you can gather from the architectural artifacts that are present as well as the art. Much as the Thai Hua Museum is sometimes used to host functions, visitors are allowed whenever they please.

In a beautiful courtyard inside the building of the museum are tools that were used during the era when Phuket was tin mining centre. There are several exhibition rooms where visitors can learn about the history of Phuket by watching lots of films. And one of things that people get to discover is the lasting connection between China and Phuket that was forged over the years. Historical Phuket comes to life as you look at the inviting walls of the museum. So whenever on Krabi road, just dash in and check it out.

Check out the Colourful Soi Romance

Trust me when I tell you that there is lots to enjoy in Phuket Old Town. One of the things you will notice are the vintage Sino-Portuguese style shop houses. Lined up on a specific street in the middle of the old town, these buildings are very traditional. Also on this street are some cute little shops, guest houses, as well as café bars. This is a street that you will enjoy taking a walk through especially on a breezy evening or night. The colourful buildings normally come to life especially on clear starry night skies.

With the Chinese inspiration that’s there, you won’t miss new things to do in Old Phuket Town. There is a different atmosphere to be experienced and appreciated. It feels like you are on an entirely new place from the Phuket that you are used to. Now if you are looking for a romantic stroll with your significant other, then this is the perfect road to follow. This is one of the most romantic places in Old Town Phuket, that has an array of activities you can experience together – romantic dinners, exotic drinks. Plus, to add some spice some spice to its romance, this place had the reputation of having a naughty past as it was a popular red-light district in Phuket. 

Get spiritual at Jui Tui Shrine

If you have booked a tour of Phuket, chances are very high that a tour to this spiritual Jui Tui Shrine will be part of the old town itineraries since its hailed to be one of the most beautiful Chinese shrines this part of Phuket has to offer. Huge crowds flock here every year to check it out as it has the reputations of being the most important attractions of Phuket Old Town. Much as it is a part of the old town, I will have you know that it has undergone lots of innovations over the years and it is dedicated to Tean Hu Huan Soy.

There is a lot to learn here. If your spirituality lies on the superstitions side and you want to know what the future holds for you, then don’t forget to stop at the fortune sticks here. The other thing you need to know about this shrine is that people also come here to celebrate their personal events like the sad or happy things that may have occurred. Seeing as the locals here are very spiritual, the place is usually packed because this shrine is one of the most popular ones in the areas.

Night Shopping Experience 

At this old town you can shop till you drop. There are plenty of markets here, each presenting their own appeal. The town gives visitors enough opportunities to shop affordable shoes, clothes, souvenirs and much more. Make sure you try out the Old Phuket Town market shopping experience and get the chance to take advantage of their competitive prices which you might probably not get anywhere else.

The market is a street market and locals hail as one if the best local night markets in Old Town Phuket and has a wide variety of products. New or slightly used, from handbags to mobile phones, souvenirs to pirated CDs, be sure to find it all here. This night market will meet and even surpass your expectations in terms of cost and variety with a mix of exotic and urban shopping experience.

The thing that adds more spice to the awesomeness to this street market is the aromas of the delectable cuisines tickling your nose. They have the best local snacks you can find in Phuket markets. So, you get to shop as well as enjoy the tastes of Thai snacks that are made when you order – that’s how fresh the food is. To the freshly made food, you can also enjoy refreshing tropical drinks and fruits.

Enjoy a Simple, Relaxing Walk on the Street

The other way in Phuket Old Town where you can you can shop for souvenirs as you enjoy the irresistible snacks is while doing what people famously do in Phuket… walking the streets. This normally happens on Sundays. Super relaxing right? Well, they have what they call the big market where you will get the biggest varieties of stuff to carry back home once your holiday is over.

After your done will all the other things to do in Old Phuket Town, then a walk on the streets will make you acknowledge the different ambiance of the old town. Feast your eyes on the art, explore the history of this old town, check out the museums and hit the markets for shopping. Do all this, while walking as you soak up the beauty of this town. It’s a good break from the party scenes and beach life that we all assume Phuket is all about. Old Town Phuket is one of the perfect spots to learn the history of the people here as you do other simple activities.

Next time you are in Phuket, make it a point to pop into this old town. Much as you might be in Phuket for other holiday experiences, you will not regret a visit here. And while at it, a private boat tour with Simba Sea Trips is worth considering. Simba Sea Trips is only a 15-minute drive away at the Royal Phuket Marina! Pay us a visit and let’s show you how to get the most of your Phuket holiday.