If you are researching about how Thailand weather is, I am sure you have heard plenty about the raining season in Thailand. You have definitely come across stories about traveling to such tropical countries during the rainy seasons. Some of these stories can be scary. Plus, planning a vacation during the rains can be quite difficult. That said, we are not trying to discourage you from visiting this lovely country especially if during the rains is the only time you have off. We are here to give you a few tricks and trips so that you can plan your trip well during Phuket rainy season. We are here to help you have an amazing vacation regardless of the season.

Well, here is what you should expect when traveling to this breath-taking travel destination during the rains and still have a blast!

When is the Rainy Season in Thailand?

One of the things that you need to know is that the rainy season on this coastal country varies depending on the region. It is also heavily influenced by the Monsoon.

Much as usually, people use the terms Monsoon season and rainy season interchangeably, what the monsoon season really means is the season when moisture is blown by the winds from the Indian Ocean to the southeast Asian subcontinent. These winds are usually wet and humid. They are associated with the rainy season because they usually bring the rains and at times, they come with tropical storms.

In most regions of Thailand, the rains usually come from May to October. As you move to the east coast of Southern Thailand, in places like Koh Samui and Koh Phangan the rains are experienced later and get the heaviest in November. They can run until early December.

Generally, though, September and October are the wettest months in Thailand. Much as during Phuket Rainy Season the country might appear less attractive for tourists who want to visit, one thing that doesn’t change much is the warmth of the weather. The other thing to note is that the rains experienced here are usually short heavy showers in the afternoon.

So even if you are planning to enjoy some sun bathing, you can still catch plenty of it in the morning hours.

One advantage of the Raining Season in Thailand is that you can take advantage of Bargain deals for various accommodation spots. During the rainy season, there are lots of special offers because less tourists visit Thailand in the rains. Just make sure you stay as open minded and make sure you can be flexible enough so that in case the rains hit, switch to a plan that accommodates that.

Rainy Weather Thailand Destinations

Much as you might have to get a bit wet during the rainy season in Thailand, you can still have plenty of good time if you plan your activities well and being open to the fact that whatever you plan might be disrupted by the weather.

It will be ridiculous to plan for lots of outdoor activities such as hiking on the wet mountains, visiting elephant sanctuaries or sunbathing on the beach. It will make more sense to strictly plan for such activities during the high season. That’s why we are insisting on a flexible plan.

That said, there is still a lot you can do. There are lots of cities, temples and historical sites that can be explored during rainy season in Thailand. If you can’t sunbathe, you could also switch plans indulge in Thailand’s delicious cuisines and vibrant culture, go shopping at malls. All these are activities that won’t be affected by the weather.

Well, here are some spots that you can check out during the rains.


Phuket rainy season is slightly different from the rest of Thailand. It mostly rains in September and October. So, in the other wet months of the rainy season, the rains are less so most days will be sunny. That said though, you need to expect some strong winds which makes the waters a bit rough for swimming.

Well, here are some other options to keep you entertained – Tin Mining Museum, the Thai Hua History Museum the Seashell Museum as well as some aquarium on the island that is pretty reasonable in terms of cost given the much that it has to offer.


Well, the unfortunate bit with Bangkok is that during the rainy season it will rain daily – not all day though. That said, at least you can somehow plan your activities around the weather. Now, seeing as floating markets tours are very popular here, you won’t be able to enjoy them in the rain.

Luckily you can keep yourself busy with some indoor activities which are in plenty in Bangkok. These include but are not limited to shopping complexes, aquariums, temples, and museums. During the rainy season the malls are pretty popular. So be prepared to shop when in these sides of Thailand.

There are many indoor activities available in Bangkok, including visiting. Bangkok’s shopping malls are particularly popular during this time of year and can be reached using the metro system, making it easier to avoid traffic jams due to weather.

Chiang Mai and Chiang Rai

Being much further to the northern side of Thailand, much as they still feel the raining season in Thailand these two areas are much dryer. The rains usually come much later in the afternoons for just a few hours. So that makes it easier for tourists to explore the cities and temples by visiting these places in the mornings and early afternoons.

Some activities to engage in when it’s raining is taking cooking classes, visiting musicians and getting Chiang Mai massages.

Koh Samui

The other place that is similar to Phuket, during raining season in Thailand is Koh Samui is a good place to visit during the rainy season. Much as it might not be dry, compared to other places in Thailand, it doesn’t get much rain. That said, the beaches and the restaurants are quieter and emptier. Expect the strong winds like Phuket which won’t be suitable for water sports and swimming, Boat rides get a little rough too.

So, plan ahead for your rainy season Thai trip. With flexibility, you can make the most of it.