Sarasin Bridge in Phuket

Connecting Phuket island to Phang Nga province on the mainland of Thailand, the Sarasin Bridge Phuket is about 700-meters long and it was completed in 1967. The bridge named after a very important Chinese family, has become very famous not only among tourists but also locals, who come here to enjoy the view of the sea and to fish while enjoying the relaxing sea breeze.

From the Saphan Sarasin bridge, it is possible to admire the Andaman Sea and the Phang Nga Bay on the other side from another prospective. As you have a lovely walk on the bridge, you can also taste delicious traditional Thai cuisine that can be found on the stalls along the way.

Seafood at Saphan Sarasin

At each end of the bridge are two excellent Thai restaurants, Thanoon Seafood Restaurant and Rimpan Seafood Restaurant that serve great local seafood, Thai food and special sauces for lunch and dinner in a very relaxing beach setting.

Thanoon Seafood Restaurant is a breezy place on the beach of a stunning bay. This small bay benefits of a gentle breeze with amazing views on both the open sea on one side, and the new bridge on the other side. It is surprisingly peaceful despite the traffic on the nearby Sarasin bridge Phuket.

Rimpan Seafood Restaurant is a small, traditional with old fashion bamboo huts, but great local restaurant hidden in plain sight near the bridge.

What to do near the Bridge?

sarasin bridge as seen from above with Phang Bay province in the distance

After 6pm, you could set up fishing equipment (mostly a stool, a fishing rod and a powerful lamp) to catch fish and squid. You could even pull a boat up to the concrete pylons and fish from there.  On the Phuket side of the Saphan Sarasin bridge, is a line of local roadside stalls where many vendors sell Thai snacks and drinks, such as barbecued squid, chicken satay, fruit, soft drinks and beer.

Exploring the small beaches next to the bridge is also fun. Just past the bridge are Natai beach and Pilai beach, where you can take quiet walks or jogs or even set up a picnic. A little further is the fantastic and deserted is a beautiful endless Sai Kaew beach.

The bridge, Sarasin (as it’s known in Thai) is also an interesting strolling destination.  The view from the bridge is really spectacular especially at sunset. Here you will enjoy the splendid view on the sea. At present, the Sarasin Bridge Phuket does not provide services for cars to run through since the construction of a new bridge adjacent to it. The central part has 2 watchtowers linked by a platform, offering a fantastic viewpoint over the Andaman Sea to the west and Phang Nga Bay to the east. Many ornate lamps line the walkway, making it especially beautiful at dusk. A very lovely place to take amazing photos not just of yourself but also of the beautiful surrounding. When you finish the walk on the bridge, you can stop by the restaurant at the end of the Saphan Sarasin bridge or walk a bit further on the beach and enjoy a meal sitting on the seaside. If you continue to walk along Phang Nga Bay, you will reach the little angler villages where you can find traditional dried fish and have a taste of what it means to live by the sea.