Surin Beach Phuket

Surin beach in Phuket, occupying the west coast, is one of the most beautiful and natural spots on the island. The beach is a lot more natural now because of the closure of the many beach clubs in the area. It is home to the Millionaires Row, a 1 kilometer stretch of fine white sand and a breathtaking Andaman clear blue sea. The Millionaires row prides itself for its luxury hotels, boutique shops, Surin beach restaurants, high end villas and hosts some of the finest residences Phuket has to offer.

The beach can get busy due to the beautiful Surin beach weather during the summer. However, visitors will notice it is much less frequented in comparison to the neighboring Patong and Kata Beaches. It’s very popular all year-round.  The beach is an excellent spot for sunbathing on fine and white sand. Its calm and clear waters are admirable for snorkeling and kayaking, as well as boogie-boarding and surfing. Though for swimmers, it is reasonable to take note of strong currents that may often come during the low season.

The beach is surrounded by shops, restaurants, resorts and residences. While it can get busy in the peak summer months, visitors will notice it is much less frequented when compared to Patong and Kata Beach. So what is there to do at Surin Beach in Phuket? Let’s find out now.

Where to Eat when visiting the Beach

With Surin beach Phuket world-class resorts, finding a great place to eat at beach is very easy. While most Surin beach restaurants specialize in seafood dishes, there are plenty of international style restaurants that can be visited as well. Although some restaurants may be temporarily closed during COVID-19 restrictions, we recommend you trying out the following restaurants:

Cudos Surin Beach Restaurant – this establishment is located in close proximity to the Plaza and offers guests many tasty Mediterranean dishes.

Diamond Beach Club – This Beachfront club and bar is an incredibly popular dining choice with great Mediterranean food offerings. Very hip and trendy.

Oriental Spoon Grill and Bar – Renowned for its delectable fresh seafood, this tasty establishment provides a Sunday roast to die for. Located inside the Twin Palms.

You could also explore the back of the beach to the streets behind. Here you will come across a more authentic local Thai experience. Stores here offer Thai food, an assortment of other Asian style cuisine and convenience stores if you just want to grab something quick and easy to take with you to the beach. The number of stalls increases exponentially during the peak tourist season so expect a lot more options at that time.

Surin Beach North End as seen from a drone hovering above the beach giving a clear view of the turquoise water

Snorkeling at Surin Beach

During the peak season, Surin Beach is an ideal Phuket snorkeling location. This is because the waters are ridiculously calm and clear. The avid snorkeler can venture to either the Northern or Southern ends of the beach and find great snorkeling spots located by the rocks. For those looking to hire gear, there are vendors located along the 1 kilometre stretch of beach, who’ll provide all you need for approximately 200 baht. With that said, we advise you to avoid snorkeling here during the late October to early March period due to the variable weather conditions and rougher seas.

Surfing at Surin Beach

While the rougher sea weather between late October and early March make Snorkeling next to impossible, it is the perfect weather for those looking for a surf.  While ideal, be prepared to fight the crowds in search of the perfect wave.

There are three sections of Surin Beach recommended for surfing. The Northern end, the Southern end and in the middle. We’d recommend, unless you are an ultra-experienced surfer to avoid the middle section as it is rocky and considered quite dangerous for novice riders. If you are keen to give surfing a go, then boards can be hired from the lifeguard posts for approximately 300 baht per hour.

Various other Water Sports

If Snorkeling and Surfing are not your thing, but you are still in search of a rush, then there are plenty of other watersports available at Surin Beach. Kayaks are without doubt the most popular alternative, and you’ll see many in the area if you arrive during the hot summer months. Boogie Boarding is also a popular surfing alternative and these are seen in great volume between May and October when the tourist numbers are lower.  With that said, even boogie boarders can get into danger so it might be worth picking a calmer location if you are just starting out.


Walk through the local Food Stalls

If you venture back off the beach to the streets behind, you’ll stumble upon a more authentic Thai experience. The local stores here offer up Thai Food, an assortment of other Asian style cuisine and convenience stores if you just want to grab something quick and easy to take with you to the beach. The number of stalls increases exponentially during the peak tourist season so expect a lot more options if traveling here at that time.

Surin Nightlife

The beach offers a great deal of tranquility. It also has its own fair share of Surin nightlife, restaurants and beachfront hotels. Initially Surin Beach Phuket region used to have a bustling night experience.  A lot changed when many beach clubs were all closed or demolished because of being illegally built. Right now what you will get is legitimate. Some travelers may wish stick to the resort experience while at the beach, others may wish to explore and enjoy the local nightlife scenes. There is a cozy beach town that offers great venues where a visitor can chill out and enjoy the atmosphere while sipping on a drink of choice.

You will find a wine bars with very friendly staff, great ambiance and a great selection of international wines, spirits and beers. You will not miss out on a wide selection of over 160 fine wines, as well as specialty hand crafted menus by in-house chefs. And have a lot to drink and eat. Most will also offer Thai dishes while guests appreciate unforgettable fabulous views that overlook the beach and quite a subtle Surin nightlife. If you are looking for a clubbing scene, then this beach is hardly going to be a recommendation to you. Looking for an all-night beach party; best look elsewhere.

A beach well worth a visit

Surin Beach looking out into the blue waters from between two lush green trees on the beach

Surin Beach in Phuket definitely has lots to offer those looking for an alternative to the more popular beach locations. It is a relaxing experience, yet one that offers plenty of activities for those looking for more than a tan and a good book. You’ll also find less unruly behaviour than you would on some of the more well-known locations, such as Bangla Road, making it a great place to take the kids.