Why you should visit Kata beach

a female surfer in kata beach looking out towards the rock island

Quite likely the finest beach on Phuket island that can be reached without a boat trip, Kata Beach is a must-see for many tourists who travel to the region. Much like many of her sister beaches throughout Thailand, Kata is blessed with crystal clear water and glistening white sand. These are not uncommon features amongst the hundreds of Thai beaches but there are some major reasons why Kata stands alone as the pre-eminent beach in the Phuket region. So why should Kata beach be at the top of your things to do in Phuket list? Well there are a number of reasons:

The Beach itself

The North side of Kata Beach looking back towards the South

It’s an obvious statement but it really needs to be said – the reason most venture to kata beach is for the beach itself. Upon arrival, visitors are met with a 1.5 kilometre strip of brilliant white sand that meets crystal clear blue waters that is a pure feast for the eyes.

The value of the kata beach region lies in the amount of people that it serves to great satisfaction. The southern end of the beach is ideal for mothers and fathers looking for a massage or a trip to the local shops while the northern end suits those looking for water fun with a range of heart-racing activities ranging from kayaking to scuba diving and everything in between.

It’s perfect for Families

One of the main reasons that Kata Beach continues to be a winning destination for travelers is thanks to the focus on the young. There is a very deliberate focus from resort managers within the Kata region to provide entertainment and activities specifically designed to entertain the kids.

The beach itself provides a lot of natural shade in the late afternoon on the South end of the beach, plus plenty of vendors, making it an ideal place for families to set up camp and ensure child complaints throughout the ‘day of rest’ are kept at a minimum.

The glorious weather

Kata provides visitors with the most amazing sea conditions for the vast majority of the year. Like every attraction in Phuket, there are times of the year that are more appealing than others (monsoon season is always lower in appeal). However, where Kata separates itself from the pack is due to the bevy of low-season activities on offer as well as the ample areas of cover available along the strip to avoid the short downpours of rain that frequent the monsoon season.

With that said, most visitors will find the December through May period the most attractive as the hot conditions make for ideal water temperature and swimming conditions.

A laundry list of activities on offer

a group of 5 people launching a parasail as the sun sets in the background

A visit to Kata Beach is guaranteed to provide such a wide range of activities that you will never be bored.

At the North end of the beach the activities on offer include surfing, scuba diving and snorkeling. These activities can be enjoyed by all irrespective of their age and/or experience level.

At the South end of the beach you will find the drier, less intense activities including shopping, dining and massage. This is why this section of the beach is often the preference of those with young families.

Where kata beach really delivers is if you venture slightly off the beach. Within a short distance there is much on offer including the opportunity to soak in the spectacular view from the Karon viewpoint, play Dino Park mini golf, or get up close and personal with local culture at the nearby Kata Temple.

It comes alive at night

While ideal for the younger members of traveling parties, Kata also provides a number of fun-filled venues for those looking to let their hair down with a couple of drinks once the sun has departed for the day.

Over time, Kata has developed the perfect balance between entertainment and relaxation and you’ll find it a lot less hectic than a night out in Patong. This means that you can enjoy some great tunes, great company and not be drowned out with excessive chatter and music allowing you to hold a conversation without screaming at the top of your lungs. That’s not to say that the region doesn’t have Patong-esque venues that offer a hectic night out if that is what you prefer.

Guaranteed to satisfy your taste buds

Nothing leads to hunger more than a complete day swimming and soaking in the sunshine. This is precisely why the restaurants and eateries surrounding Kata Beach are such an advantage. These aren’t merely the types of establishments that you settle for. These are world-class venues that are guaranteed to satisfy.

The Boathouse Phuket is obviously the most well-known of the eateries in the kata region and renowned for the luxurious dining experience that it provides. However, it is not alone and the area affords visitors ample choice including the sensational Kampong Kata Hill (Southeast Asian cuisine) and the Horn Grill Steakhouse (incredible selection of high quality).

Wonderful accommodation options

One of the most important factors when deciding on places to visit, especially ones that will provide much entertainment, is ensuring that there are a wealth of accommodation options available.

Kata beach answers the call thanks to the vast number of high-quality and affordable (especially in the low season) accommodation options that line the entire strip of kata. Kata Beach is featured in our list of best places to stay in Phuket. The best option for a luxury stay is the world famous Boathouse Phuket that not only offers guests a luxurious stay but also a restaurant of tremendously high quality.

For those looking at other options in kata, it is hard to beat the beyond resort kata. Previously known as kata beach resort & spa, this hotel sits directly on Kata Beach and affords its guests access to one of 275 stylish rooms with most offering exceptional views of the sea.

A memorable experience

Kata Beach as seen from the hills that overlook the region

The visitors that we speak to on our Phuket boat tours that have had the good fortune of visiting Kata Beach all speak very fondly of the experience. This supports our own summation of Kata and validates our love for the place. We’d highly encourage anyone that is keen for relaxation and fun to consider traveling there once they have ticked off the major bucket list Phuket items such as trips to Phang Nga and Phi Phi. Kata Beach very rarely fails to deliver and is yet another jewel in the Phuket crown.