Karon beach

people bathing in the waters at Karon Beach

Karon Beach Phuket is located on the west coast side of the Island of Phuket. It is a very popular holiday destination in Thailand. It is also one of the longest beaches in Thailand, at third place and is located between the north of Patong and the southern side of Kata.

One of the things that makes it very popular is its calming setting which makes it a perfect sport for water sports and activities such as diving and snorkeling. Much as it usually attracts lots of tourists, believe me when I tell you that its large enough to accommodate them as the beach is wide enough, giving enough room for people to spread out without feeling like they are too crowded.

At Karon Beach things to do are numerous. But for the sake of this article, we are going to focus on the top 8 things that you can enjoy when you visit this large, popular beach.

The Top 8 things to do near Karon Beach

1) Chill at the beach at every opportunity

the calm crystal waters at karon beach

Ok, ok, we know that there are many beaches throughout the Phuket region that you can relax on but what makes it special?

Well for starters Karon Beach is perfectly located within short distance of urban life yet venture down to the beach and you wouldn’t know you were so close to the hustle and the bustle of the city. This provides you with the opportunity to soak in the sunshine in perfect peace yet walk back into town for a bite to eat.

2) Head out to the Phi Phi Islands on a boat tour

aerial view of boats at Phi Phi Leh

Glancing out from Karon Beach out of the waters will no doubt leave your mind wandering to other nearby destinations that provide ideal water conditions and activities. One of the most spectacular things to do in the region is visit the Phi Phi Islands and this is only possible by boat. That is because there are many well worth it things to do in Phi Phi Island.

The Phi Phi Islands are an island group located between the coast of Phuket and the Straits of Malacca coast. The most well-known of the Islands is Phi Phi Don and Phi Phi Le and these are the islands most people are itching to visit.

As mentioned previously, entry by boat is the only option and this is achieved either by ferry or speedboat. For those looking for an exclusive, intimate experience – ferries are out. Therefore, a speed boat is your best bet in order to experience the region the way that nature intended – early and in quiet comfort. Simba Sea Trips provides a tour of the region that ensures you’ll see the Phi Phi Islands in comfort and largely in the absence of crowds. You can book a Phi Phi Sunrise tour with Simba to ensure you don’t miss out on this incredible experience.

3) Pamper yourself with a relaxing massage

white woman having an aromatherapy oil massage

You can’t help but feel relaxed while in the Karon Beach region, but what better way to elevate that feeling than with a tranquil massage. While a traditional Thai massage is definitely something to consider, we would recommend an aromatherapy oil massage. During an aromatherapy massage, you either inhale essential oils or they can also be absorbed through the skin. Most massage parlours in the region provide this service and offer a diverse menu of services including standard massage and facial therapies.

4) Go visit the Karon Temple

karon temple in Phuket from approach

Make sure to extract yourself from the beach for long enough to go and explore the Karon Temple, situated a short distance away. The Temple’s main building features two large Nagas (snakes) whose bodies wrap around the entire building.

One of the other major buildings is protected by Yak, these are weird looking blue monsters that are commonly featured in old Buddhist texts to keep the images of Buddha safe from harm by warding off spirits.

You’ll commonly see Buddhist Monks working in the garden or around the grounds to ensure the temple remains clean and tidy.

5) Time your Temple visit with the Temple Market opening hours

karon temple at nighttime - the home to the karon market

The Karon Temple Market is well worth visiting and contains a large amount of street food as well as souvenirs. In addition, there are a large amount of bugs available to try if you are willing to expand your palette and try something a little different.

The Market opens every Tuesday and Saturday from late in the afternoon until close to Midnight so make sure to add it to your calendar!

6) Engage in some Water Sports

young woman snorkeling in karon beach

Maybe you’ve been relaxing all day in the comfortable beach surrounds but you feel like getting your heart pumping? Well you are in luck because Karon Beach affords tourists with plenty of activities to pass the time. Just some of the activities that you can undertake include:

  • SUP Paddle
  • Kayaking
  • Snorkeling
  • Parasailing

All of the above are activities that can be accomplished thanks to the crystal clear calm waters. Without doubt our favourite is taking out some snorkeling gear and dipping your head underwater while navigating around the rocks at the south end of the beach.

7) Hike up for a spectacular view

a view of the karon area from the karon viewpoint

The Karon Viewpoint offers a spectacular view of Karon Beach and the surrounding areas. It is a bit of a hike to reach the viewpoint but it is well worth a visit. You’ll need to trek approximately 6 kilometres to reach it but take some water with you and quench your thirst while beholding the sight before you.

If 6 kilometres seems a bit too far of a journey by foot, you can reach the viewpoint by car. The trip by car might not burn the same calories but the view will be spectacular so who cares about burning calories anyways!?

8) Day Trip to Phuket Town

woman shopping in old town Phuket

While the Karon Beach area is bound to provide enough entertainment, especially if you are able to book a tour out to the Phi Phi Islands, Phuket Town is well worth a visit if you can free up a day. It is located approximately 40 mins away and you’ll need a car (or bike) to reach it. But trust us, it’s one of the best things to do in Phuket! You won’t want to miss it. The Town provides visitors with a better understanding of the island and is packed with exciting things to do. Delicious foods are everywhere, from traditional Thai breakfasts to fresh market and street foods.

The area of Phuket Old Town is substantial and possesses temples, colourful and comfy cafes, shops, and fresh markets. A day spent in town is definitely one that will go quickly but we guarantee it’ll be well worth the journey!

When should you visit Karon Beach

sunset over karon beach with waves on the foreshore

Karon Beach Phuket is a delight to visit all year around really, but like all areas of Thailand there are definitely best and worst times to visit. We’ll take you through that now:

Best Time to Visit Karon Beach – You can’t really go wrong at any time between November and May as the weather will be warm, the waters calm and the skies emanating endless blue. However, if you had to pick the ideal time during this period it would definitely be mid April to early May as this is the time you’ll likely find the cheapest prices at phuket resorts, romantic hotels and backpacker hostels.

Worst Time to Visit Karon Beach – The late May to October period is not that bad depending on the climate of the country you are visiting from, but it is definitely consider the wet season here in Phuket. You are much more likely to encounter rainy conditions and rough waters (making it difficult for water activities like snorkeling and diving).

In Conclusion

The beauty of Karon Beach is one that has to be witnessed in person. Even the most descriptive article written on the subject is going to fall short of doing the area justice. If traveling to Phuket, Karon Beach is a must and just has to be added to your itinerary. Immersing yourself on a beach that is just metres from the urban areas (yet you’d never know it) makes this one of Thailand’s tourist hot spots, and for good reason!