Wakeboarding in Phuket

Wakeboarding Phuket is one of adrenaline rushing sports that involve gliding the waves. Some people might be a bit sacred of trying it out but it is surprisingly easily enjoyable. First, its quite easy to learn and you will get so much pleasure with every wave you catch.

Where to wakeboard

There are wakeboarding parks throughout Phuket where a person can get their adrenaline rush. Much as it is a relatively new sport in Phuket, people are warming to it quickly. Lucky for Phuket, there are of beaches where one can enjoy their wakeboarding adventure. But a lot of Phuket Wakeboarding actually used to take place at custom built Wake Parks. This included the Phuket Wake Park which is between Kata Beach and Phuket town, and before one could also go to the Anthem Wake Park which is near Patong Beach. Unfortunately, the Anthem Wake Park is now permanently closed.

The great thing is that at Phuket Wake park, whether a beginner or expert, you can still enjoy the Wakeboarding sport no matter the weather. The lake has 2 Sesitec Cable systems. One for beginners which is shorter and a longer one that goes around the lake basin. It opens all year round and becomes busiest during the monsoon season. This is because the waters of the beaches get too rough for swimming.

You could still try out the IWP International Wake Park which offers family-friendly wakeboarding and this could very well be your kid’s highlight of their vacation. All these wake parks are near the inland waters of Phuket Island.

How much does it cost

The cost of Wakeboarding Phuket starts at 750 Baht per hour. But you can get cheaper options. If you are new, you can get an instructor to train you. This is quite an intense sport so if you think the cost of 750 Baht per hour is too high and are new to wakeboarding, you might not even finish that hour session. Luckily after all that, you can go to the spa for some pampering or get a beach massage.

If you don’t carry your own, wakeboards, life vests, helmets and gloves can be rented at a small cost. There are professional instructors who do offer private trainings for those who are interested in trying out the sport.

What else can you experience?

At Phuket Wake Park there is a swimming pool, shower and also a restaurant which serves Thai, Russian as well as European cuisines. There is also a bar which is located on the top floor of the park building. It has a great view of the lake, rental shop for the wakeboarding equipment and clothes. And if you want to stay overnight or a planning to spend your vacation Phuket Wakeboarding, the Phuket Wake Park has you covered with their 28 hotel rooms.
At the IWP International Wake Park the terrain is diverse which you can take advantage of.

There is some surfing you can enjoy too at thee IWP’s flow rider. There is also paddle boarding and kayaking for those who want to enjoy some relaxing time at the manmade lake. While Wakeboarding Phuket at this park, they also have 2 swimming pools that have steams. Food is available at their restaurant. In public areas of the wake park, they also have Wi-Fi so if you don’t feel like wakeboarding, you will still be sorted.

To book a session, head on to the local vendors in Patong, Kata, and Phuket Town. They could be a bit pricier though. So, if you want to get good prices, visit the website of the park you want to visit and book through the site.

In Conclusion

The thing is Phuket has always been hailed as the heart of Thailand’s water sports. And Phuket Wakeboarding should be on top of your list if you are an adrenaline junky and are planning a trip to Thailand. The Phuket Cable Water Park is the most accessible one as it is at the centre of the island. Great thing is that the two spots that we have recommended, have other activities you can engage in. So, if you find yourself in the midst of adrenaline junkies, you need not worry much. With restaurants and swimming pools where you can leisurely swim, we’re sure that you will enjoy yourself.