Wat Cherngtalay

Wat Cherngtalay is the new favourite weekend destination is Phuket.  So, if you are looking for something fresh besides the usual famous places such as Patong, Phromthep Cape or Old town Phuket, then this place is going to be a breath of fresh air that’s for sure. 

Much as the places just mentioned are considered the top-rated tourist destinations in Phuket, the place where most tourists dream of visiting, there are times when one just craves for a new experience because these popular spots can be a bit overwhelming given the massive crowds that you will encounter there.

So, if you are looking for an equally, less overwhelming alternative, then try out Wat Choeng Thale temple. This is a pretty exciting neighbourhood on Phuket’s west coast that is both charming and packed with character. And what makes it the perfect weekend gate away is its seaside location.

The Wat Cherngtalay Temple

This Buddhist temple sits on large grounds with enough buildings there and is located near Laguna Beach on Phuket Island. It is a serene beach so whenever you need some peaceful time, then you should go there – the perfect place to spend those 48 hours of your weekend at the Andaman Sea. So, head on to Wat Cherngtalay if you are looking to rejuvenate and reset your mind from the hustle and bustle of Phuket’s hyper streets and life in general. 

There main attraction here is the Buddhist monument which houses a bone relic of Buddha which is originally from Sri Lanka. The architectural design and artwork on both the outer and inner walls of the temple are to die for. You will find get to see painted murals of intricate scenes of daily Thai life plus interactions of the Buddhist disciples and Buddha. These disciples include the monks and everyday people. The light posts have been crafted with the lights in Buddhist figures hands. Most Thai locals usually come to Wat Choeng Thale temple to make offerings and receive blessings by the monks. There is also an area where one can burn incense sticks.

So, what is interesting at the temple? Is there anything in particular to do here that draws visitors to the temple? Well, to be honest, not really. Well, here is how to spend your time in this new favourite weekend destination.

Having mentioned the painted murals above, normally people just come to the temple to walk around, enjoy the interesting and intricate artwork and take photos. It’s also a very serene place for prayer and meditation. That said though, be prepared for some distractions and sounds and the few stray dogs that have made the temple their home and territory. 

Other things to do…

The good thing about this place is the warm waters and smooth sand of the Surin beach. So, if you get tired of the temple, you can always go and take a swim here. There are other water-based activities that you can enjoy here too. Plus, while at Surin beach, you will always find a restaurant along the beach for drinks and lunch.

There are Laguna hotels and resorts near Wat Choeng Thale temple as well as the Canal village. You can take a ferry trip and enjoy the views of the hotels there. And if you are planning stay the night, you will not run out of places to wine and done. The spots to hang around in the evening are the Bampot Kitchen & Bar, Catch Beach Club or the Palm Seaside Restaurant & Lounge  

To get to Wat Cherngtalay, if you are coming from the Heroines Monument, there is a secluded sign post for Surin Beach. Take that road and stay on it for not more than 15 minutes. The temple will be on your right-hand side. There is a parking inside the temple’s grounds just before Cherng Talay Village grounds.

Let the reviews do the talking

With google reviews of like 4.3 out of 5, if you are into enjoying historical places, walking around this Buddhist temples is worth giving it a shot.